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DATE: 12/15/2009 SUBMITTER: James Flood
I am tracing my Great Grandfather, Harry Carpenter ARMSTRONG. I believe that his birthname is Henry, and that his parents are William ARMSTRONG and Sarah KERR of Scioto Township, Jackson County. He was born in August of 1853 or possibly 1854. Family myth says he was orphaned, lived with an Aunt for awhile and then headed west. He ended up returning to the Midwest and married Emily Ann DEMAY of Detroit where they resided until they died in the 1920s. His death certificate has proved impossible to find...which would give a clue who his parents were. I do know that he was born in Ohio...and so were his parents. Is anyone researching these families or has knowledge? Are there any historians/genealogists who might help locate his birth certificate or perhaps his parents gravesites?
DATE: 12/13/2009 SUBMITTER: Bill Saunders
Looking for any descendants of John L. and Artilla BLACK.
DATE: 11/23/2009 SUBMITTER: Stephen Jones
UPDATE: I am looking for information on David D JONES, born c. 1830 in Wales (possibly died in March of 1917), and his wife Margaret LEWIS, born 1825 in Wales and died on 11 Aug 1892. Their children were William David JONES, Daniel JONES, Ada JONES EDWARDS (married Rees EDWARDS) and Sarah Jane JONES DAVIS (married James J.B. DAVIS). Any information on David in particular would be most welcome. I am hoping to find the exact date and place of his birth, the date and place of his death, what his middle initial stands for, when he immigrated to the US, and the names of his parents (and where they came from in Wales), but I have hit a dead end. He and Margaret may have been involved in the Moriah community, if that is of any use. Here is my genealogy, in Medieval Welsh fashion: My name is Stephen Jones, and I am the son of David Blaine Jones, son of Blaine Burlile Jones, son of Russell Arthur Jones, son of William David Jones, son of David D Jones.
DATE: 11/10/2009 SUBMITTER: Amanda Overcash
I am looking for information on Florence HICKY. What I know: Maiden name was KELLER. 1st Husband Walter JINKENS Died 7/27/1981 and is burred in Ridgewood Cemetery in Wellston (in JINKENS family plot). I am hoping to find a birth year or anything else. No one in the family remembers any more.
DATE: 10/13/2009 SUBMITTER: Michael O'Brien
My GG GF and GG GM John & Mary O'BRIEN lived in Wellston during the late 19th century (~1879-1900). They show up in the 1900 Federal census for Wellston (Ward 2). The 1900 Census shows my GG Aunt Mary O'BRIEN (born 1879) living with her parents, but she disappears by the 1910 Fed census. I'm trying to find out anything I can about her, whether she moved out on her own, got married, or passed away during that period. Might anyone have access to either marriage records or such for the area at that time?
DATE: 10/08/2009 SUBMITTER: Dolores Stoner
Henry SLACK b. 1819 Coalton,Jackson OH., father Joshua or John, m. Sarah Ann PACK, 11 children, dau Lovinia b. 1848 m. David NICHOLS. Have some information on Lovinia and pictures of her, David and children. Happy to share.
DATE: 10/01/2009 SUBMITTER: Betty McDowell
I am looking for any information on an uncle of mine Morley Robert BROWNING. He was the son of Charles BROWNING and Naoma SMITH of Jackson Ohio. He served in the US NAVY during WW1.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Linda Hoff
Any one know where these people are buried? Rachel Dixon b.1804, married to Lorenzo Dow Crabtree on Jan. 3. 1833.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Alberta Butler
I am trying to find an Edward BYERS b. in 1802 in Ohio. I found an Edward BYERS in the 1820 Jackson Co., Ohio census. Does anyone know if he had a son, Edward b.30 Sep. 1802?
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Phil Stone
Have info for Louese Hayes on her 8-20-2009 query regarding CRIGLER. Her email address is not valid.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Sharon (Arthur) Surber
I am searching about Joel ARTHUR's children. Joel was a Revoluntary War Solider. I also looking for Silas J ARTHUR's parents. Silas was born around 1860 and married Louisa MASTERS. Looking for Anna ELLIOTT's parents who married Amos ARTHUR.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Carolyn Bilikam Cook
My grandmother was Carrie Mae NUNNALLY HURST. Her parents were James and Caroline STEELE NUNNALLY from Jackson, Ohio. Carrie was one of about thirteen NUNNALLY children and she was born abut 1880. I am looking for any children, etc. of her brothers and sisters. I believe Mrs. Ben PFANCUFF from Jackson was a niece of my grandmother.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Donna Barnes
I'm looking for a researcher to find a death certificate, obit and cemetery location for Charles A. Barnes who died in Wellston on 1/13/1904. Pls. advise what the fee would be before doing the research.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Polly Todd
I'm looking for anyone who could tell me something about the TIMONEY family that lived in Wellston, Ohio. They are there in the 1900, 1910 census, and in 1930 census there was John and Mary A. TIMONEY.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: James Plummer
Looking for info on my gr-grandmother, Jemima HUMPHRIES born 4 Jul 1858 in Ohio. married John Lewis PLUMMER in Scioto, Jackson, Ohio and they moved to Mo in mid 1890's. Would like to find out who her parents were.
DATE: 09/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Michael
Might anyone have any info on the O'Brien family who lived in Wellston ca 1900? Based on the 1900 census, the following O'Briens lived in Wellston: John (Father), Mary (Mother), Mary (daughter), Anna (daughter), Johnnie (son), Eddie (son), Willie (son) & Howard (son). Eddie (Edward James) was my GGF. They moved to Franklin (Columbus, Ohio) sometime between 1900 and 1910 as they show up in the 1910 census for Franklin, Ohio. John T. (Johnnie) died in 1911. I am also looking for info on the Linton family who also lived in Jackson County at the same time. Based on the 1900 census (Jackson Township), we have: Amos C. (F), Stella M. (M), Alma (D), Harry (S), Elizabeth (D), Emma (D), Cora (D), Alva (D), Emmett (S). Emma was my GGM. She passed away in 1931 in Columbus, Ohio.
DATE: 08/20/2009 SUBMITTER: Louese Hayes
I am searching for Reuben CRIGLER and his family after the August 15, 1850 census. His wife is Ann FAULKNER. I have found his land records for 1837 in Jackson County, he is on the 1830 Census in Gallia County, not found on the 1840 Census and then in 1850 appears with his family in Madison Twp., Jackson County, Ohio. The family has just disappeared. Would anyone have any information as to what happened to this family? I would appreciate any help. I do have one daughter (my direct line) Elizabeth married to Oliver RAMBO and have them located in Knox County, Ill.
DATE: 08/20/2009 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
I am trying to find a plot map and list of Exline's buried in the Coalton Cemetery. I believe it is called the Coalton Cemetery. It is the one on the hill in Coalton.
DATE: 08/20/2009 SUBMITTER: Sandy Hart
Looking for information about Patrick (1929-1899) and Mary (1830-1903) KAVANEY (MANY spellings including KIVNEY, CAVENEY, KAVANAUGH, etc) who were born in Ireland, immigrated to America ~1850, and died in Wellston. They had 10 children, among whom were Catherine, Michael, Maggie, Bridget, Sarah, and Andy. Their son Michael (1859-1907) married Emma Rebecca HANDLEY (1867-1954) on Sep 8, 1883 in Lawrence Co, OH. Michael and Emma lived in Wellston until his death in 1907. The family scattered one to sea, others to the Alaska goldfields. I know quite a bit about the HANDLEYs, but need any information about the KAVANEYs.
DATE: 06/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Alice Rice
I am looking for the burial place of George RICE. George died in 1850. Also there should be a Betsy and Marie RICE in the same area. I am wondering if they are buried in the same cemetery as his in-laws, Mary and Picket MARVIN. I have read in another persons research the they are buried in he Six Brothers Cemetery, Jackson Co, Ohio.
DATE: 06/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Nina Ronshausen
Jerusha Chamberlin BUNCH (daughter of Anson C. CHAMBERLIN and wife of Isaac W. BUNCH) died in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio, 3 Dec 1894. She was my second-great grandmother; I'd like to know where she was buried. (Her name isn't in the cemetery lists at the Jackson County GenWeb site.)
DATE: 06/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Alice R. Gordon
Oscar and Nell GORDON DAVIS lived in Wellston, Jackson County. Nell had a sister, Bertha GORDON LANNING, living in McLuney, Perry Co., OH. Nell and Bertha were daughters of Edward and Frances GORDON of New Lexington, Perry Co., OH. Oscar and Nell died sometime after 1950. Oscar may have died in 1953 and I suspect he is buried in Jackson Co.
DATE: 06/26/2009 SUBMITTER: Laura Wooley
I have about three generations of the LAKE family that are from Jackson Co., Ohio. I am looking for any and all possible info.
DATE: 06/21/2009 SUBMITTER: George L. Pauley
I am looking for any birth records on my gr-gr-grandfather, Jeremiah J. PAULEY, who was born on 27 September 1826. I am not 100% positive in which township, but it should be either Liberty or Jackson. On his Civil War inlistment papers it only says Jackson. There was a Joseph PAULEY (father?) listed as living in one township in the 1830 census and then in the other one in the 1840 census. The Joseph that I believe was his father, had land possibly on McCune Ridge and later in the 1850 census, was in Franklin, Ross county, Ohio.
DATE: 06/21/2009 SUBMITTER: Kaye Smith
Researching Martha DAVIS 1818 OH, probably Jackson Co. married Samuel SMITH. They are located in 1850 census in Knox Co., Ill where they both died. Would appreciate any information on her or her parents , maybe Levi DAVIS and Mary RUDYARD.
DATE: 06/21/2009 SUBMITTER: Kaye Smith
Researching Martha DAVIS 1818 OH, probably Jackson Co. married Samuel SMITH. They are located in 1850 census in Knox Co., Ill where they both died. Would appreciate any information on her or her parents , maybe Levi DAVIS and Mary RUDYARD.
DATE: 05/02/2009 SUBMITTER: Jane Barido
I would like any info on Samuel and Minerva R MONTGOMERY, this is my GGgrandparents, they lived in Coalton. I found them listed on the 1870 census. They are the parents of Elizabeth E. MONTGOMERY SHARP born 1868. Elizabeth was the mother of my grandmother Minerva Rachel SHARP CARSEY (she went by Rachel). I think she was named after her grandmother Minerva R MONTGOMERY. I would like to know where they are buried or what happened to Elizabeth's children I know the Sharp children went to a children's home but not sure where or what Children's home. Can not find any info in the 1910 census.
DATE: 04/30/2009 SUBMITTER: Dan Riley
Looking for genealogy for Daniel D.(David?) JONES, born: 5 May 1833 in Wales, died: 16 Feb 1911 or 1912 in Oak Hill, burried in Bethel Cemetery. Also info on Anna D. HOPKIN, wife of Daniel D. JONES, born: July, 1837(?) died 1920(?). Buried in Bethel Cemetery, Oak Hill. They were married 4 Jul 1857. They had 9 or 10 children.
DATE: 04/21/2009 SUBMITTER: Jane Barido
I am trying to find out information on my greatgrandmother Elizabeth E. SHARP. Montgomery was her maiden name. My grandmother was Rachel M CARSEY SHARP, I found the 1900 census they lived in Coalton village. But I can't find her mother or father died or where they are buried. her father name was Thomas J. SHARP she had brothers Carl L SHARP, Clyde L SHARP, Ora L SHARP, Sisters Flora A SHARP, Cora B SHARP. Thomas and Elizabeth were married 1884. I have the months and years of the births of all.
DATE: 04/21/2009 SUBMITTER: Jane Barido
I am trying to find any living relatives on my grandmother's side of the family her maiden name was Rachel M SHARP was born 03/15/1898 in Coalton Villiage. I have record of the 1900 census that states her father was Thomas SHARP, mother Elizabeth SHARP, Brothers Carl L SHARP b 09/02/1895, Clyde L SHARP b 05/1893, Ora L SHARP b 04/1886, sister's listed on 1900 Cora SHARP b 08/1888, Flora A SHARP b 02/1890. I know my grandmother went to a childrens home. I believe there are some living relatives. I would also like to know when relatives passed away and where they are buried.
DATE: 04/15/2009 SUBMITTER: Trish Walls
Looking for marriage record of John WALLS and Jane NELSON. Found a date of October 5,1820 for Jackson County and would like to see if I can get a copy of the marriage certificate. Any records for children would be helpful. They are Arcada, Nehemiah,Joshua, Rebecca, John E.L., Levi, Susan, Laticia and Martha. All children were born in Ohio.
DATE: 03/27/2009 SUBMITTER: Vicky Woodrum
Looking for anyone who may be researching the LEACH family surname. My grand, George LEACH was born October 1, 1822 in Virginia and died February 20, 1838 in Baltimore, Fairfield County, Ohio. He married August 2, 1848 (Pickaway County) to Julie PETERS. Daugther of Jonathon and Martha (THOMPSON) PETERS.
DATE: 03/27/2009 SUBMITTER: Bobbie Taylor
Does anyone have info. on the murder of Jackson MCCOY on Jan.16, 1858 at the home of Rebecca SPRIGGS by Alexander CRABTREE.
DATE: 03/27/2009 SUBMITTER: George L. Pauley
Looking for any information on Jeremiah POLLY/PAULEY and Elizabeth CARLISLE/CARLILE. Married: 27 August 1849, Liberty Twp., Jackson County, Ohio. Listed on 1850 census living with Elizabeths parents, Samuel and Rachel (NEEL) CARLISLE, Liberty, Jackson, Ohio. Trying to find connection with Jeremiah's family, parents, etc.
DATE: 02/23/2009 SUBMITTER: Shannon L Frisby
I am looking for any information on my family history, my grandmother is Alice FRISBY, daughter of Whinnie (MITCHEM) SHOTTS and George Edward SHOTTS She has 1 sister (Georgie of Springfield area) and 3 brothers (David, Charles Gene of Jackson county and Edward "Eddie" of Springfield area). Alice married my grandfather, Harold Richard FRISBY; son of Roxie and James (Jim) FRISBY. I also know that George Edward SHOTTS' mother's name was Tempess Alice SHOTTS, but don't know who she married. Whinnie's parents were Mary Ellen and Wilson HOOD. Harold and Alice FRISBY and Whinnie and George SHOTTS lived in the Coalton area,Jackson County, where Alice still lives; her husband Harold passed away in 1977. Any info on how to find more would be great!
DATE: 02/23/2009 SUBMITTER: Philip E Tripp
Looking for Daniel Tripp. Allegedly died in Washington twp, Jackson County, Ohio in 1828. Especially interested in his parents names.
DATE: 02/15/2009 SUBMITTER: Donald George Ingalls
Looking for anyone from the INGALLS family who lives in the Jackson area. My dad was George INGALLS (1918-1954). Grandparents were John and Ella INGALLS formerly spelled INGLES until about 1902.
DATE: 02/15/2009 SUBMITTER: Susie Simon
Has anyone in Jackson Co. Ohio had any DNA testing on our family line (COLLINS)? We need to hear from you.
DATE: 02/15/2009 SUBMITTER: Vicky
I am doing research on Margaret Katherine CARRIGAN Born 1824, don't know where. She married Benjanmin Franklin KISOR Sr. Aug. 23, 1880. in Berlin Cross Roads, Ohio. I would like to find out more about her ancestry.
DATE: 02/15/2009 SUBMITTER: Donald George Ingalls
Looking for info on John or Charles INGALLS who lived in Jackson County, Jefferson Township, born around the mid 1850's. John lived on South Michigan Avenue in 1924. My Dad was George Ingalls who died in 1954.
DATE: 02/14/2009 SUBMITTER: Nancy C. Adkins
Searching for any information re: my GGGranparents: Enoch P. WILLIAMS who married Sarah KELLER 1808 in Lawrence Co. and then moved to Jackson Co. OH. the family lived thre the remainder of their lives. Enoch & Sarah WILLIAMS had 2 sons abt. 1810 and 1812 but I don't have their names. They had daughters, Susanna, Priscilla, Emeline Jane, Melissa Josephine, and 2 more sons, Lorenzo Dow and Ramson WILLIAMS.
DATE: 02/14/2009 SUBMITTER: Bethany Sankot
I am looking for information on the KEENEN/KEENAN family of Jackson Co. OH. Specifically, I am looking for information on a Henry and Catharine KEENAN that came to OH via KY in the 1870's. Henry owned land in Franklin Twp. They had 8 children. In the 1880 census I find Henry as a widower, and 6 of the 8 kids are living with other families in Logan Co., IL. I believe that one of the sons is my GG Grandfather. I am looking for any information on this family.
DATE: 02/14/2009 SUBMITTER: Jim Patterson
Looking for info on James HOWE born in Washington, Jackson County about 1883. We think his mother was Matilda STARR.
DATE: 02/14/2009 SUBMITTER: Stephen Jones
I am looking for information on David D JONES, born 1830 in Wales, and his wife Margaret LEWIS, born 1825 in Wales and died on 11 Aug 1892. Their children were William David JONES and Daniel JONES. Any information on David in particular would be most welcome. I am hoping to find the exact date and place of his birth, the date and place of his death, what his middle initial stands for, when he immigrated to the US, and the names of his parents (and where they came from in Wales), but I have hit a dead end. He and Margaret may have been involved in the Moriah community, if that is of any use. Here is my genealogy, in Medieval Welsh fashion: My name is Stephen Jones, and I am the son of David Blaine Jones, son of Blaine Burlile Jones, son of Russell Arthur Jones, son of William David Jones, son of David D Jones.
DATE: 12/27/2008 SUBMITTER: Crystal Campbell
Am looking for a burial location and records of my great g'mother who I know is buried in Coalton cemetary but not sure exactly where. I was there Dec. 5 and looked around but was unable to find her. Her name is Rachel Anis POWELL who was born in 1867 and passed on April 1 1941 and was buried April 4. I am also looking for her husband who, I believe, his name is Andrew J. POWELL but my aunt seems to think his name was Willard. I am having a hard time finding info on their 11 children even!!! I have called Mayhew funeral home, who I was told, took the records of the director (Don Sperry) who took care of Rachels body and burial.
DATE: 12/27/2008 SUBMITTER: Red Nastoff
Looking for any info on Jesse CORN b:1796 in NC. He married Uley HARMON? 8 October 1818 in Jackson County, OH. He was an ordained Baptist minister. He had several children while living in Jackson County, OH including William H.CORN b:16 March 1821. He later moved with his family to Lawrence County, OH in 1834.
DATE: 11/28/2008 SUBMITTER: Ruth Ann Shuster
Seeking information about the son of Aubery Guy MILLER. Robert MILLER was born to Guy and Bessie STONE MILLER about 1924; probably in Columbus, Ohio. Guy returned to Jackson after Bessie's death in 1931 and he is buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Jackson.
DATE: 11/28/2008 SUBMITTER: Carole Tucker
I am searching for the family of John A JONES born 1824 in Wales and married to Barbara or Barbary HUBBARD. John was born in Wales and Barbara in Ohio. An immigration year is not given in the 1900 census for them. I have them in Jackson County in 1860, then in 1880 and 1900 they are in Vinton County, Ohio. Their children are James E, Margaret A, John, Emma M, Mary E, Levena, Salona Flora, Loisa B, Minna M. The children were all born in Ohio. We can't find a death or burial for them.
DATE: 11/20/2008 SUBMITTER: Eric Hollon
An adoption after November 9, 1861 took place and I was hoping someone had put a notice in the paper at that time. If anyone has found such a notice I would be glad to send compensation for the info. My second great grandfather was born as Samuel Edward ?, and later was found as Edward S. DELANY d 1891. Mother listed as Louiza in most records. My mother was always curious but not well connected with her hometown.
DATE: 11/13/2008 SUBMITTER: Harry Selsor
John MCLAUGHLIN and wife Catherine HOY MCLAUGHLIN last found in Milton, Jackson, Oh 1860 Census. Is there any record of death or cemetery burial in Milton Twp? Their son James married one of my ancestors Almira SPRINGER. Appreciate any help.
DATE: 11/13/2008 SUBMITTER: Betty McDowell
Would anyone have any information on a George CLARK who lived in Jackson city Jackson County Ohio in the early 1900's. He is listed on an early census. He is the father of my father who was adopted out and I would like to know something about the man. Thanks for any information. The mothers name was Ella LAYNE.
DATE: 11/13/2008 SUBMITTER: James Rockwell
John H ROCKWELL (1866) married Anne/Anna ROWLAND and had three children; Hershel (1892) Essie/Effie (1893) and Forrest (1894); John H died 06 NOV 1901; and Anne/Anna remarried Joe/Joseph RICE. 1900 census has John H, Anna and 3 kids; 1910 Census has Joe Rice and Anna and 3 kids; but 1930 Census has Forrest in Winnebago, WI and married to Anne E C ?? John H died 1901 in Glen Roy (35y); and coincidentally Orus ROCKWELL (9mo) died in Glen Roy 18 APR 1900.
DATE: 11/13/2008 SUBMITTER: Chuck Rapp
Looking for any information on John Wesley RAPP, b.1863 d.1929. Married to Emma BLAKEMAN.
DATE: 11/13/2008 SUBMITTER: Harry Selsor
Emily M STOCKMAN b 1843, second wife of Samuel Woodson WILLS found in 1920 Census,Wellston Ward 2, Jackson Co. She reportedly died 29 Dec 1923 Wellston, Jackson Oh. Looking for death record confirmation and cemetery if known, unable to find on line death certificate to match.
DATE: 11/13/2008 SUBMITTER: Nancy Kauth
Searching for information on descendents of John and Matilda BAGLEY. They are supposed to be buried in a cemetery at Wellston, OH and also lived some years in Vinton Co close to Jackson Co. Matilda NEWMAN b. 1816 mar James WHITLATCH 1836, had 6 children, the last being Cornelius Whitlatch b. ca 1853. They are on the 1850 Adams Co, Oh census. After that I found Matilda mar. to John Bagley and living in Vinton Co. On the 1860 census her Whitlatch children are listed as Bagleys. On the 1880 she has disappeared but her oldest Bagley daughter is married and living in Wellston and another dau. is with her and then marries in Oct 1880. John Bagley served in the Civil War from Jackson Co, OH and he is dead when Matilda applies for but is denied his pension in 1893. Anna Bartoe and Senie Ward are the Witnesses on her application. I do not know who they are.
DATE: 10/06/2008 SUBMITTER: Betty Mcdowell
Looking for information on Charles (Chris) Layne son of John and Jane Layne.
DATE: 10/06/2008 SUBMITTER: Betty Mcdowell
Looking for information on William Ellis LAYNE. He would have been my great uncle. Any information at all. His parents were John A. LAYNE and Jane WHITE.
DATE: 10/06/2008 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
I was wondering where I might find old police or sheriff records for Jackson County. The years I am interested in are between 1911 and 1928.
DATE: 10/06/2008 SUBMITTER: Sandra (Kennedy) Cowger
I am seeking any info on Ambrose KENNEDY OR CANADY, Jemima KENNEDY OR CANADY (NICHOLS).. John KENNEDY OR CANADY AND Emma KENNEDY OR CANADY (CABLE).. John CABLE.... Any info anyone might have please let me know.
DATE: 09/02/2008 SUBMITTER: Sharon Ledsome
I am looking for information on Hugh GATES who died Sept. 3, 1906 in Wellston. I'm also trying to find the location of a cemetery called "Wellston Cemetery" in that time frame.
DATE: 09/02/2008 SUBMITTER: Wanda Masters Exline
I am actually trying to reach someone in the SAR for Jackson County Ohio. I had been in contact with someone and he had an illness in his family and has been unable to continue to help me. I believe everthing was in order to have a marker placed at Salem Cemetery for my relative John EXLINE. I am hoping someone else in the SAR can continue on with this.
DATE: 09/02/2008 SUBMITTER: Hope Sandefur
It is believed that James SHERIDAN (1784-1829) was born in Jackson Co Ohio. James died in Rock Twp Harrison Co (now Carroll). Will share all info I have.
DATE: 08/05/2008 SUBMITTER: Ann Hunsaker
I am trying to find out some information about Dr. Robert A. WILLIAMS who practiced medicine in Jackson County until approximately 1998. I am an attorney who represented Dr. Williams and last spoke with him in 2000 when he lived in Columbus. Recently I heard from one of his former patients who said he heard that Dr. Williams passed away. Could anyone provide me with information?
DATE: 08/02/2008 SUBMITTER: Jim Patterson
Am looking for information on Flora L. PENWELL KNISLEY, b. 04 Feb 1884, Pike County, Oh, d. 31 Jan 1964, Jackson, Jackson County, Oh. Also looking for information on Flora's daughter whose name was Arabell, not sure of her married name or her maiden name, but think her maiden name could have been FISHER and her married name could have been SNYDER/SNIDER. I think Flora was living with her daughter at the time of her death.
DATE: 07/31/2008 SUBMITTER: Bill Frazier
Bessie Marie STEVENS was my grandmother. She was born in Jackson County around 1903. In 1919, she gave birth to my father, Russell Taylor FRAZIER, somewhere in Kentucky. However, in 1910 she was still living in Jackson County with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. John D. STEVENS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 07/30/2008 SUBMITTER: David J. Muncy
I'm looking for information on Earl RAFFERTY and Edna HENSLEY. Edna and Earl were married. I'm trying to find out who their parents were. Any leads will be of help.
DATE: 07/30/2008 SUBMITTER: Charlotte Thompson
Looking for information about the Henry HART family that migrated from PA sometime between 1850 and 1860.
DATE: 07/30/2008 SUBMITTER: Melissa
Looking for information about Frank BATES, son of Samuel Henry BATES and Elizabeth BAKER.
DATE: 07/30/2008 SUBMITTER: Terry McNally
Miles BASQUILL (maybe BASQUILLE) buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery in Jackson. Has four daughters: Marie, Anna Laura, Hetty, and Margaret. Do you know any more about him or the family? Hugh MARTIN, had six children (youngest is Alva MARTIN). I'm guessing he died around 1895. I know Alva lived in Jackson and died in 1979 (I think). Do you know more about Hugh or his wife Lucinda Smith?
DATE: 07/30/2008 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
Wondering in someone could do a death look up for me? Eucid M. Exline between 1910 and 1920. She was 5 years old in 1910...she doesn't appear on the 1920 census that I can find. He mother died in 1912 so she may have been "farmed" out and listed with the last name of who ever she was living with. I am at a dead stop on her.
DATE: 07/30/2008 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
I was wondering if anyone could do a quick look up for me. I am looking for birth records for Eucid m. Exline daughter of Robert Newton and Effie Alice Bennett Exline. Eucid is found on the 1910 census with a birthdate of 1905. I have not found her anyplace else and am wondering if the name is spelled wrong on the census.
DATE: 07/10/2008 SUBMITTER: James West
John WEST family history and West cemetary location in Oak Hill Ohio.
DATE: 07/10/2008 SUBMITTER: Belle
Looking for information on SWAIM family- originally from Jackson County Ohio then moved to Springfield Ohio. early 1900's, please: George, Alvin, Virgil [female], Lucinda, and also MILAR family- Arlene, Hubert, early 1900's. These would be my grandparents.
DATE: 07/10/2008 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
Eucid M EXLINE born in 1905....is listed last on the 1910 census. Wondering if someone from Jackson could see if there are any death records on her. Her parents were Robert Newton EXLINE and Effie Alice BENNETT EXLINE. Mother Effie and a sister Lydia Viola died in 1912. There were triplets Ada, Anise and Ida born in 1903 I believe....Anise survived and married a Robert COON. The two deceased triplets are buried in the old Exline Cemetery in Jackson County Ohio along with Lyida Viola, Effie and Robert...there is another marker that was become worn and unreadable and I am wondering if is Eucid. Two other sisters...Velva married Saul WELCH and Lillian who ended up in a poor house according to the 1920 census.
DATE: 06/27/2008 SUBMITTER: Jeremy Yuenger
I'm seeking any information on Abner YINGER, specifically place of origin (Calden-Kassel?) and year of emigration and ship name. I believe he came over around 1852 to Pennsylvania first, and then moved on to the Jackson area- he died in 1871, and the 1875 property map shows his heirs' land just north of Grahamsville.
DATE: 06/27/2008 SUBMITTER: Becky King
I am looking for information about Moses LUGENBEAL b. 1815 in Marietta, Washington, Ohio and d. 28 Apr 1889 in Jackson, Muskingum, Ohio. His wife was Rebecca FELL(1816-1874) Jackson Co, Ohio.
DATE: 06/27/2008 SUBMITTER: Karen Maleske
Looking for 30 years for the parents of Calvin C. CHANDLER and his wife Eliza Ann HALE, both buried in Byer Cemetary.
DATE: 06/25/2008 SUBMITTER: Harry Selsor
William STOCKMAN and wife Eliza MULVANY listed in 1850 Census for Jackson Twp, Jackson Co Oh. Is there a marriage record for this couple in Jackson Co Marriage Books B or C about 1842-1843?
DATE: 06/25/2008 SUBMITTER: Richard Marshall
This Richard MARSHALL group lived in the years from 1840 through 1900 at one time or another in the Counties of: Fayette Madison Ross Pike Pickaway Gallia Scioto Jackson Meigs Madison.
DATE: 06/25/2008 SUBMITTER: Marilyn Browder
SURNAMES: Townsend Studio
I have a picture postcard of a family taken at Townsend Studio, Wellston, Ohio. Can somebody tell me what years that studio was in Wellston. I am trying to date a photo. I believe it is from a McKINNISS line.
DATE: 06/25/2008 SUBMITTER: Harry Selsor
William STOCKMAN and wife Eliza MULVANEY STOCKMANS are buried in Bronx Cemetery, Jackson Twp, Jackson Co Ohio. Have asked Find A Grave for photographs but no takers apparantly. Could someone get me some pictures of these two graves of my ancestors? Eliza was born 11 Jul 1811 PA, died 1899 Wm died Nov 1876.
DATE: 05/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Jan Johnson
I am seeking any and all information about William A. PERSONS who settled in Jackson County Ohio in 1850. He married Mary SQUIRES in 1856. He lived in Milton township and owned land there.
DATE: 05/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Louis Myers
I am still trying to find primary documentation that George Washington CLAAR, Jr married to Mary MERCER was the son of George Washington CLAAR who was married to Barbara HOUSE. I do have the Descendants of Balthasar KLAR, but some say this information is not documentated well enough for primary or secondary proof. Any help would be highly appreciated.
DATE: 05/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Cindy Scarberry
Am looking for any info on Margaret CARTWRIGHT daughter of Joseph CARTWRIGHT. On 1870 Census in Lawarence County with family. Joseph on 1880 Censes in Jackson County but Margaret not listed.
DATE: 05/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Minerva Osborne
I am wandering if someone would get an obit for me. Artie Francis HIGNITE died Jan. 4 1946 in Oak Hill, Jackson County, Ohio.
DATE: 05/10/2008 SUBMITTER: Mark Davis
I am looking for information regarding my 2nd Great GrandFather David A. DAVIS born about 1834 Wales, Died 07-15-1875 Jackson County Ohio. Wife Louisa DAVIS (DAVIES) born 08-11-1835 London, Died Fayette County Ohio 07-10-1882. They had seven children: Hannah, Alonzo, Charles, John?, Benjamin, William, Clara.
DATE: 05/10/2008 SUBMITTER: Ruth Ann Shuster
Looking for info about Phoebe MORRIS who was married (1848-Jackson County) to Hazel BARBEE per the 1850 Vinton County census and John BARRET (1855-Vinton County) per the 1860 Vinton county census. I am particularly interested in her son Lewis MORRIS (not the son of Abraham & Nancy) who was born in Pa in 1834. There was another brother William H. also born in Pa. about 1844.
DATE: 04/25/2008 SUBMITTER: P. Bates
On the 1880 Ohio Census, Scioto County, it lists my grandmother as Dora W. ALT and the "step-daughter" of Lewis BOWERS. Her mothers name was Lucy Ann SMITH. Prior to my mothers passing, she never mentioned that her mother was an "ALT". I've searched several places and am unable to find out who her father was??? I do remember my mother saying her mother's relatives were from Wellston or Jackson. Would appreciate any assistance.
DATE: 04/22/2008 SUBMITTER: Summer Lopez
Searching for Helen CHAPMAN FILLINGER of Oak Hill. My mother, Connie Sue RAMEY, and her identical twin, Bonnie Lou RAMEY, were born and orphaned at the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Huntington, W VA. in Sept. 1953. Gertrude RAMEY took them into her care at 5 days old, and gave them their names. The only proof they have of their birth is the bassinet cards from the hospital which read (Female) BATES I and (Female) BATES II, thier weights and lengths, and Dr. Ratcliff. They later retrieved information that their mother's name was Helen Juanita CHAPMAN. They lived at the Ramey Home until they were 19, and no family ever looked for them, (to their knowledge). Any information was kept confidential, and anytime "the twins" would ask Gertrude questions, she would get irate and deter them from asking. We wonder if Gertrude knew their parents, or may have even been related somehow, explaining why she took this family secret to her grave. After writing a Plea in 2001 for the Herald Dispatch, I received information via an "Anonymous" typed letter that my grandmother, Helen CHAPMAN had my Mother and Aunt when she was in her 30's (in 1953). The person says she already had two other daughters; the oldest (maybe named Judy) about 5 or 6 years old in late 1952, the younger daughter was 3 or 4, but they can't remember her name. The person also wrote that Helen lived with her mother and father in a house on Buffalo Creek Road in Lawrence County, Ohio up until 1953, (the year the twins were born) when the house became empty. The person says they "heard" Helen CHAPMAN was working in or owned a small grocery store in Oak Hill, Ohio. They "heard talk to this effect as late as 1985." Since receiving this letter, I have now found that Helen (FILLINGER?) owned Osbournes's Grocery in Oak Hill up until the mid 80's, and she died in October 1986. She ran the grocery with one of her daughters, and was possibly married to Dwight N. Fillinger, "Dyne". He is also deceased, and I believe both are buried at Fairmount Cemetery. If anyone has any information if this is my grandmother, Helen, could you please email me? We can keep the relationship Anonymous if you wish.
DATE: 04/22/2008 SUBMITTER: Alicia
Looking for information on the old Comer School.
DATE: 04/22/2008 SUBMITTER: Mary Royalty
I am looking for information on William Gobel WELLS, dob 9-25-1898, Trimble County KY, parents James WELLS and Alice MONROE. Bill was my grandfather, he and my grandmother divorced when my father was two years old. My grandmother did not allow him to have any contact with my father. We believe that he was living in the Cincinnati area in 1934. I do know that his family contacted my father in the early 1980's to say that Bill had passed away, he was in Ohio at the time. My father is gone and my mother does not have a very good memory of things now so I have very little to go on. I have been able find his sister and his brothers and parts of their families but not Bill. If you have any information on him would you please send it to me. I would very much like to find his location.
DATE: 04/12/2008 SUBMITTER: Joanne Galvin
Seeking date of death for George W. HALE, b 1798 in VA, spouse of Mary Ann MCCALL b 24 Nov 1804 in Gallia County, OH;, d 18 Nov 1881, Bloomfield Twp., Jackson County, Ohio, m 24 Apr 1823 in Gallia County. Nine children: Malinda, Henry, Quincy, Milla Ann, Lavina, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Geo. Jr., and Thomas.
DATE: 04/08/2008 SUBMITTER: Gary E Young
Trying to identify parentage for one William David NEWMAN who was born in Jackson Co Oh 3 June 1890. The trouble is that NEWMAN may not have been his birth name according to some, so if I can check birth records for Jackson Co for the above date perhaps I will be able to identify him? Some say the birth name was one of the "Mc" names such as MCCAIN, etc.
DATE: 04/08/2008 SUBMITTER: Dean Hickman
I have on file that Hollis LANDRUM (1904-1981)married Garnet ROWLAND,which marriage is indicated on this website in the material on 1930. However I also have found an obit that Garnet Ruby ROWLAND (1922-1996) married William Roscoe LANDRUM (1908-1978). She was a daughter of Samuel Clifton ROWLAND (1900-?)and Mattie Hartley. Obviously this Garnet ROWLAND was only about 8 years old in 1930. Who are the parents of the Garnet ROWLAND who married Hollis LANDRUM?
DATE: 03/14/2008 SUBMITTER: Roy Ervin
If anyone is doing genealogy on the Ervin families of Southeastern Ohio, I would like to share info on any descendents of Samuel ERVIN or the other ancesteral ERVIN/ERWIN/IRVIN/IRWIN families in Meigs, Gallia, Athens or Hocking counties. Does anyone know of a Burns ERVIN family? He was Campus Policeman while I was there in 1946-50 and know he had at least one sister there, a Mrs REEDER, who with her husband, had a business at top of Athen Hill on Rte. 33 heading to Pomeroy. Judge Edgar ERVIN, Meigs County stated once that our family came through Shenandoah, Va. [County or Valley]. My ancestor is John ERVIN, [?son of Samuel] of Meigs County.
DATE: 03/14/2008 SUBMITTER: pam hager
hello i was looking at the index to cemetery inscriptions of jackson county ohio. i am looking for frank & elizabeth hasenauer. frank was born 1855 in ironton ohio. according to this index there is an hasenauer on page 729. can someone look this up for me and tell me, i would greatly appreciate it.
DATE: 03/12/2008 SUBMITTER: Cameron Wells Prentice Jr.
Prentice, Harry D June 1900 in a military in Jackson, Ohio.
DATE: 03/12/2008 SUBMITTER: Debbie Wilson (Holland)
Looking for information on Bruce HENRY, born in Wellston in the last 1940's.
DATE: 03/05/2008 SUBMITTER: JoAnne Yates
Looking for information on a Joseph FOOSE/FOOS, who would have been in the Revolutionary Army, became a 'general' perhaps, was friend of Lafayette, and had a dry goods store in Columbus, OH. He was an uncle of my gg grandfather, George Washington FOOSE, of Baltimore, MD There was a statue erected in Joseph FOOSE/FOOS honor at which my great grand aunt, Fanny FOOS was an honoree. I have been told that the statue was 'retired' to make room for city improvements.
DATE: 03/05/2008 SUBMITTER: Deann Buckhold
I am looking for information on Erastus (DEMICKS) DIMICK b. 1788 in Franklin Co., VT and his(2) wife Mary b.1817 KY d.1862, Mary is buried in Fairmont Cemetery, Lick Twp. She was also the postmster of Dawkin's Mills in 1859.
DATE: 03/05/2008 SUBMITTER: Jessica
I am looking for information on Alonzo Taylor LEONARD who married a GILLESPIE. They had about 12 children.
DATE: 03/05/2008 SUBMITTER: Carolyn Wells
Looking for information on Rufus M. WELLS, brother of Harvey WELLS (who founded Wellston). Read somewhere that he died in Jackson County, OH after 1900. Also cannot find anyting on his wife "Stella Jones" WELLS. Are they buried in Wellston with Harvey? Rufus & Stella had (7) children all born in either Will County, IL or Cook Co., IL.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: Jerry Homans
Seeking information on Margaret EISNAUGLE & Divid LANGLEY of Chillicothe. Margaret was born in 06 Nov 1832 ia Jackson. I am their gggrandson.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: Pam
Wanting to see if anyone knows of any CAMPBELLs that lived in Jackson County. They were from Kentucky.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: Dean Hickman
I am looking for a Cleo HARTLEY, nee Cleo WHITE, born in Liberty Township to Charles Herman WHITE and Vera B. COY AFTER 1910. I need her birth and death dates and husband's birth and death dates. However she could still be alive. Charles Herman White's family mostly came to a tragic end so I am trying to find the last leaf on the tree. Charles WHITE was son of John Dye HICKMAN and Mary Ellen WHITE RENICK.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: Cheryl Leadford Campbell
Does anyone one have any information on Arvena (BOGGS) and James GRIFFITH. They were my aunt and uncle. I believed they moved from KY and settled in Jackson.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: Charlie
I am looking for information on the above mentioned families. My Great Great Grandfather Thomas CRABTREE married Margaret ALLEN. They had a large family. But their son Eli B. CRABTREE was my Great Grandfather. He married Grace A. DONALDSON. I have info on their kids. But I am looking to find some more recent information Eli and Grace's daughter Carrie CRABTREE MILLER JACKSON was my great aunt. I am looking for information as to what happened to her belongings and her house. I am looking for pictures that I think she would have had of my Great Grandparents and families.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: John McDonald
John CANADY/CANNADY (1858-1933) information sought. Lived north of Zaleski for a time. Was married to "Lizzie" (Kennedy?). John was married first to Leander Susan LUNSFORD in Lawrence Co. Sons were Henry, Zale, and John Dennis. John's death certificate listed Henry CANNADY (born in Ireland) as his father and Jane SEARCH (born in Ohio) as his mother. Would be glad to share information, photos, etc.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: Dan Hall
My gf Pleasant OSENDOTT, b 7 Jun 1847 in Wellston, Ohio (or maybe Wellington, Ohio). In the 1860 Census, Jefferson Township, Jackson County, Samsonville is an entry showing the following: Hannah Osendott age 40, William McCormick age 28, Thomas McCormick, age 18, Pleasant McCormick, age 14, and Nancy McCormick, age 10. My assumption is that Hannah was married to ?? McCormick, and her second husband was ?? Osendott. I need to know who was his father. He apparently was Hannah's first husband, but that is speculation on my part.
DATE: 02/19/2008 SUBMITTER: Lois Trampe
My 2nd gt gfa. Joseph EUBANKS (b. 1789 in Albemarle Co., VA and migrated to Jackson Co. in late 1810's) had as his 2nd wife (and my 2nd gt gmo) Elizabeth G. MELTON. I am wondering if she was related to the MELTONs in Gallia Co. in the mid-late 1800's--related by blood or by marriage.
DATE: 01/24/2008 SUBMITTER: Lisa B. Ortiz
I need birth certificates for the following people: Alice COLLINS b: 07 FEB 1897, Loretta Beatrice COLLINS b: 27DEC1898; Gladys COLLINS b: 29APR1895; Laura COLLINS b: 19SEP1901 ; Teddy Ray COLLINS b: 11JUN1903; Harvey Franklin COLLINS b: 15 AUG 1905; Mary M. COLLINS b: 1908; Therease Faye COLLINS b: 18 AUG 1911. Or I am trying to locate any information as to what they looked like. Do you have any Women's Committee Cards registered during WWI. They did this in Boone County, IL, so I assume they did this county wide?
DATE: 01/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Betty McDowell
Would anyone have any information on John MCDOWELL. He married Elizabeth BOWEN Oct. 30, 1817 Jackson County Ohio. Also any MCDOWELL that you might have information on.
DATE: 01/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Ricky Adkins
Looking for Fredrick FOX born 1853. Married Margret WILLIAMS. Fathers name Charles FOX.
DATE: 01/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Beth
Searching for information on David A. EVANS and Elizabeth SHADRACH. Both born in Wales. Lived in Jackson Co. Ohio, I think in Oak Hill.
DATE: 01/23/2008 SUBMITTER: Deb Henry
I am researching the Henry RAY family which came to Iowa in the late 1800's. Henry was first married to Eliza and then Rosann MARQUIS. He married Mildred Angeline WOLFE in Ohio (Rayville?) and had two children there (Warren and Ethel). According to Mildred's obit, she was the daughter if Elkanah and Anne RICHART WOLFE.
DATE: 01/11/2008 SUBMITTER: Linda Crabtree Hoff
Looking for old yearbooks from Decatur Washington School in Blackfork, years 1942-1949. Surnames: LYCANS, and WILLIAMS. Purchase would be good, however, copies of family members photos from yearbooks will work.
DATE: 01/11/2008 SUBMITTER: Carol
Searching for anyone related to Caroline BAER BOWMAN PLUMMER who lived in the Jackon Co. Ohio area. Second husband was Thomas PLUMMER. I am her great-great-niece and would love to exchange info with a family member. Please e-mail me.
DATE: 12/26/2007 SUBMITTER: Bettye Pribyl
Seeking information on Rev. Jacob DELAY, M.E. circuit rider preacher (1781-1845). He had 11 sons and one daughter but have been unable to locate documentation proving who his children were. I am specifically looking for anything linking him to a son named Joseph DeLay who married Harriet MADDOX. Jacob died and is buried at Berlin Crossroads, Jackson Co., Ohio.
DATE: 12/08/2007 SUBMITTER: Renita Nunley-Ruiz
Looking to find the burial spot of Woodson NUNLEY and family. Woodson owned property in East Liberty township. (I have his will and property records) Please don't hesitate to contact me as I have been looking for burial information for years! (note: He is not listed in "Cemetery Inscriptions of Jackson County Ohio")
DATE: 12/08/2007 SUBMITTER: Jim Garrett
I am looking for any information concerning James Carlton BLAMER and his wife Freda. I understand that Jimmie is deceased and Freda has moved to Columbus OH. I am wondering if they have any children? They are cousins of mine. Jimmie's father was my uncle (Harold BLAMER, long time resident and barber in Wellston).
DATE: 11/16/2007 SUBMITTER: John Martin
I am looking for information on my family. My grand father was Charles Lewis MARTIN and wife Mary Katherine YATES. My father John Carl MARTIN sr. born 7/18/1907.
DATE: 11/15/2007 SUBMITTER: Joe Ellis South
Looking for information about Arminda Tarr PHILLIPS and family. she was born 12-28-1840 died 5-11-1895. She married Willilam DOWNARD in Wellston May 12, 1860. Her parrents were Gersham PHILLIPS and Eliza JONES.
DATE: 11/15/2007 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
Looking for information concerning Velva EXLINE who married Saul Welch in 1920. They are buried in Pattonsville Cemetery near what I am assuming is Saul's parents. I wonder if Velva and Saul had any children. Those children could still be living today and I would love to hear from them or their children.
DATE: 10/26/2007 SUBMITTER: Patricia Hampton
Searching for Norman HUGHES/HUGHS b-1857, Gallia Co. Ohio. d-1896, Jackson, Ohio. Wife, Mary Elizabeth TANNER, b-1859, d-1897, Jackson, Ohio. I have been told they are buried in Fairmont Cemetery in Jackson, O. I can't seem to find them on the census or anyplace else. They had 3 dau, Roma HUGHES, b-1884, Myrtle HUGHES, b-1888, and my gr mother, Anna Mabel HUGHES, b-1890. When their parents died, Normans brother, Frank and his wife, Isabelle (WISE), took them in.
DATE: 10/26/2007 SUBMITTER: Patrick O'Connor
I am looking for any information or pictures of Bernard O'CONNOR. He was the Town Marshall of Jackson in 1871, a charter member of Salt Lick Lodge I.O.O.F., a member of James Smith Post GAR. I am also looking for a front page copy of the Jackson Standard for any or all months of 1871.
DATE: 10/18/2007 SUBMITTER: Jenny
Looking for the birth records for 1929. For Jackson Co. OH, town of Wellston. James WARNER born 1929 to James H. WARNER & Edoyone BYERS. James born 1929, am told later changed his last name to DAVIS.
DATE: 10/18/2007 SUBMITTER: Amber Gonce
Searching for any information regarding Moses and Elizabeth KING BLAKEMAN. Both dissapeared after the 1850 census. Would like to know if they are really in either one of the Bethel Cemeteries. Willing to share what I have.
DATE: 10/05/2007 SUBMITTER: Sandy Hart
I am seeking information about the famiy of James H and Jane (SLAGLE) HANDLEY who lived in Wellston, Jackson, OH between 1880 and 1910. They had 11 children (Henry Thomas, Ann Eliza CAMPBELL, Mary E, Louis, Albert M, Samuel B., Emma Renecca KAVENEY, Senera Jane MOORE, Flora BUSSCHER, Nora MORLEY, William C) many of whom left Ohio for the goldfields of Alaska in the early 1900s and then spent the rest of their lives in California or Washington. I am specifically interested in more information about the husband and family of Emma Rebecca HANDLEY. All I know is that her husband's name was Michael KAVENEY and that his mother (Mary) and father (name unknown) and many of his siblings were born in Ireland. I understand that some of her father's brothers also lived in Ohio but I do not know their names nor where they lived.
DATE: 10/04/2007 SUBMITTER: Wanda Livesay
I am Looking for John Clark Sr. my line is John Clark Jr. b. 05/05/1818 in either VA or OH, died 11/05/1880 in Farrington Twp., Jefferson Co, IL. Married Nancy Brown on 06/08/1840 in Columbiana Co, OH. Nancy born 03/13/1816 in OH died 01/20/ 1901 in Cuba, MO. I would like any information on this John Clark Sr. anyone would like to share. I have most of Information on the children who moved to IL. 1. Samuel Brown Clark born 02/02/1842 in Columbiana Co, OH; died Sept. 6, 1905 in Jefferson Co, IL; Married Susan Barnett in Jefferson Co, IL on April 25, 1867 and Martha Jane Scott in abt 1873 in Jefferson Co, IL. 2. John Lorenzo Clark b. 03/24/1844 in Columbiana Co, OH; died: Aug.6, 1872 in Franklin Tewp., Jackson Co, Oh. 3. Jesse Price Clark: b. 08/31/1845 in Jackson Co, OH; Died : 11/01/1893 in Jefferson Co, IL.( My line) Married Louisa Harris Wells on 05/13/1869 in Jefferson Co, IL. 4. Susannah Clark born 09/21/1847 in Jackson Co, OH; Married 07/06/1881 to Marshall Sanduskey Burns in Jackson Co, Oh & 02/06/1881 in Marion Co, IL to Sylvester Propes. 5. Mary Ellen Clark born 10/10/1854 in Jackson Co, OH; died 01/20/1901 in Cuba, Mo; Married W. Daniel Milner on 01/31/1881 in Jefferson Co, IL. 6. Samuel Brown Clark born 02/02/1842.
DATE: 10/04/2007 SUBMITTER: Tony Vets
I need to find the Jackson Standard Newspaper for August 3, 1892. It contains an interview with Hiram Oliver. I have a typed version from the internet, but I need a copy of the article. Can anyone tell me who to contact that may have the microfilm and will find and print.
DATE: 10/04/2007 SUBMITTER: Theresa Katon
Looking for information on Enos LOCKARD. Born 1802 PA, married Sarah born 1812 and had 8 children. Lived in Jackson County Franklin Twp according to Bible records. If possible looking for death certificate and Marriage certificate.
DATE: 09/14/2007 SUBMITTER: Molly Turpin
I am looking for information on Salome (SHOWALTER) HAMBRICK Born 1847 in Virginia. In Bloomfield, Jackson County in 1920 Census she was 72 years old. Probably passed away here along with Rupert, Elizabeth, Claude and a few others.
DATE: 09/11/2007 SUBMITTER: John Andrew Thompson, Jr.
Searching for information on THOMPSON family, Harry, Francis, sons John & Harry Jr., daughters Helen, Emma Jane, Dorothy, Pat, Della, Jean. Harry and Francis once lived on Central Ave., house now gone from fire few years ago. Father, John A. Thompson, Sr. once worked for Globe Furnace, Jisco. Understand family name once well known in Jackson proper.
DATE: 09/07/2007 SUBMITTER: Carol Decker
Looking for any info about Ernest DECKER, born June 18, 1887, Clinton Twp. Vinton Co., OH. In the 1900 census he is living at home - same place. I have his death certificate and it says the following: Ernie Crayton DECKER, Married, Died June 24, 1909 Wellston, Ohio, Typhoid Fever, Buried Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Ohio. I looked on a site for Ridgewood and it spelled his name DECKARD. He would have been twenty two. Could you see if he married in Jackson county and who. I would assume it would be between 1905 and 1909. Also he may have had children born before and after his death.
DATE: 09/07/2007 SUBMITTER: Michael Pearson
I have been trying to sort out the George W. and George M. Adams families from Jackson and have not been very successful. George M. Adams was the first Mayor of Jackson in 1847 when it was incorporated. He also was County Auditor and Justice of the Peace for a number of years. I have record of George M. ADAMS, Clerk in Store, living with Joseph and Cornelia ADAMS KILLEN in Jackson, Jackson County, Ohio at the time of the 1880 census. He is listed at the age of 76 making his birth year 1804. He was born in Va. and we beleive it was Winchester. Can you help me with at least a date of his death. I have checked on line sources available without success and would like to have this information in hopes of locating an obituary. Since he was an active City father, I would think that he might have a very informative obituary. Any information that you can supply would be greatly appreciated. [Editor's note: He has info about George M. Adams from Robert Ervin's book "Jackson County, Its History and Its People" and "History of Lower Scioto Valley".]
DATE: 09/07/2007 SUBMITTER: Tim Brady
Would like any information on Edward BRADY, alias John BRACE, alias, Hiram Edward BRADY born 1843, died 1915, Married to Mary E Brady (RUNKLE). Children: William L BRADY, Nancy M BRADY, Isaac O. BRADY, Harriet BRADY, Henry H BRADY, John P. BRADY, Charles Walter BRADY.
DATE: 08/31/2007 SUBMITTER: M. Jones
Looking for William KELLEY,(wife Noami), served in Civil War. Buried in soldiers circle in Chillicothe Ohio, Lived in Oak Hill in 1890. Dorthy MILLER was a sister to one of them, but don't know which one and she lived in Jackson, Ohio.
DATE: 08/31/2007 SUBMITTER: Leanne Phillips Halfman
I am beginning genealogy research for grandparents born Jackson, Jackson Co., Ohio, 1870's and 1880's as well as prior gg and ggg and gggg parents JENKINS' who migrated from Wales arriving Philadelphia, 1841 and Gallia Co. was their destination and Jackson Co. later and PETERS' whom migrated from Switzerland and had a grain/flour mill in Jackson, Oh that burned in the 1930's.
DATE: 08/31/2007 SUBMITTER: Patrick O'Connor
I am looking for information about William F. DARLING, his wife Sarah SWEENEY and their family. He operated a store in Coalton during the 1920's and 30's. His mother-in-law Margaret O'CONNOR SWEENEY lived with them in the 20's and his sister-in law Margaret SWEENEY lived with them during the 30's. I have listed two sons, William B. DARLING and Dan J. DARLING.
DATE: 08/31/2007 SUBMITTER: Marcia Buchanan
Looking for information about: Henry VANFOSSAN 52 yrs of age, 1870 census, Lick Township and 62 yrs of age Jackson Township; Mary Ann VANFOSSAN 50 yrs. old 1870 census, Jackson Township, first husband James LYNN, nee DIXON, father Samual DIXON, Scioto Township, Jackson Co., Ohio.
DATE: 07/30/2007 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
Looking for a copy of Daniel EXLINE's obituary. (his wife was Lucindia DAVIS); (his parents were Robert EXLINE and Julia Ann MIKESELL EXLINE). I understand he was killed in a street car accident 10/7/1896.
DATE: 07/30/2007 SUBMITTER: Leon Barton
I am researching James W. MCDANIEL that lived in Jackson County, Ohio. He died in Jackson County and I have read that he is buried in East Oak Hill Cemetery. Can anyone tell me if there is a stone for him? He was in Revolutionary War and died in 1847. Is this cemetery an active cemetery? I would appreciate all help on James W. McDaniel.
DATE: 07/30/2007 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
Looking for information on Saul WELCH who married Velva EXLINE in Jackson County Ohio 1920.
DATE: 07/30/2007 SUBMITTER: Tim Brady
I would like information on the parents of Hattie F. CULP (1887-1946. Her grand-mother was Sarah E SNYDER with whom she lived. She married John Pearl BRADY ( 1881-1961) and moved to Marion, Ohio. They had 8 children; Margaret, Grace, Hiram Edward, Martha, Mary Jane, John Dale, Donald E., Richard BRADY. I was told her parents both lost their lives together in a mining accident???
DATE: 07/30/2007 SUBMITTER: Harry Selsor
Looking for family descendants of Zachariah and Martha COOK who settled in Pike Co Oh. He was a Hessian soldier turned Patriot. Wife was Martha ANDRICK of Greenbrier Va. Have letter written by Martha COOK to her sister Mary dtd abt 1831. Mentions Susan, Peggy and Sally in the letter..assume these are daughters. Also says her husband is getting a pension of $48 a month. Also states he wants to move to Ohio which they did in 1833 apparantly. 1830 Census in Greenbrier shows three dau plus Martha, 1820 Census shows more dau but hard to read, looks like two sons also? Copy of letter dated Jan 1939 from Pension Files S 42855 gives info on children and verifies his Continental Army Service starting in 1781, same year the Hessian Soldier Zacharias KOCH deserted from his Brunswick Regiment as a prisoner in the Convention Army. (10-6-78) Greenbriar County, W Virginia. Lewisburg, courthouse: Index to marriages #1 1781 to ---A-M included 1790 Andreck, Mary Bk 1-A p79 Feb 16, 1790 Lelson (Linson?) John to Mary Andreck (This is Selsor, not Linson) 1790 Andreck, Matty Bk 1-A p17 Jan 19, 1790 Cook, Zech to Matty Andreck 1800 Andrick, Elizabeth Bk 1-A p137 1800 Mar 19 Stars John to Elizabeth Andrick.
DATE: 07/30/2007 SUBMITTER: Wanda Exline
Looking for information concerning Robert Newton EXLINE. He was in the Penitentiary in Columbus in the early 1900's. I am trying to find out his crime. He eventually got out and returned to Jackson County and married.
DATE: 07/15/2007 SUBMITTER: Kim Bartos
Looking for info on John William PATRICK married Emma Zella FAIN had 7 children, William Harrison PATRICK born 1873, Thomas Lee born 1876, John jr born 1878, Myrtle born 1880, Katie born 1882, Mary 1884, Emma 1887. Their mother Emma Zella died 2 weeks after baby Emma was born and the family moved to Cabin Creek WVa to work in the coal mines. Anything sound familiar? I am looking for John W PATRICKs family. He reports in census reports that he was born in Kentucky in 1850. I found old photo taken in Wellston Ohio.

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