This index to the United States Population Census of 1820 for Jackson County Ohio is as accurate as I believe it can be. Each line has been personally checked, by me, against the National Archives microfilm and wherever the handwriting was difficult to read, I have given a possible alternative deciphering of the text. For the most part, this census was very easy to read. All names have been spelled the same as originally written. No attempt has been made to 'correct' for modern spelling.

There were 32 columns of data collected on the 1820 census (after the head of household's name):
Column 00 The name of the head of the household
Column 01 The number of white males under 10 years of age
Column 02 The number of white males 10 and less than 16 years of age
Column 03 The number of white males 16 and less than 18 years of age
Column 04 The number of white males 16 and less than 26 years of age
Column 05 The number of white males 26 and less than 45 years of age
Column 06 The number of white males 45 of age and up
Column 07 The number of white females under 10 years of age
Column 08 The number of white females 10 and less than 16 years of age
Column 09 The number of white females 16 and less than 26 years of age
Column 10 The number of white females 26 and less than 45 years of age
Column 11 The number of white females 45 of age and up
Column 12 The number of foreigners not naturalized
Column 13 The number of persons engaged in agriculture
Column 14 The number of persons engaged in commerce
Column 15 The number of persons engaged in manufacturing
Column 16 The number of male slaves under 14 years of age
Column 17 The number of male slaves 14 and less than 26 years of age
Column 18 The number of male slaves 26 and less than 45 years of age
Column 19 The number of male slaves 45 of age and up
Columns 20-23 same as columns 16-19 but for female slaves
Columns 24-27 same as columns 16-19 but for free male negroes
Columns 28-31 same as columns 16-19 but for free female negroes
Column 32 All other persons except indians not taxed

Last Name           First Name          Page   Township 
=================== =================== ===    ================
ADAMS               ISAAC               145    SCIOTO TWP
ADAMS               JAMES               146    RICHLAND TWP
ADKINS              LEWIS               140    MADISON TWP
ALDRIDGE            SAMUEL              134    LICK TWP
ALLEN               WILLIAM             139    MADISON TWP
ALTHAR              ADAM                138    MILTON TWP
ANDERSON            GRIFFITH            143    CLINTON TWP
ANDERSON            ALEXANDER           145    SCIOTO TWP
ANDREWS             NATHANIEL W.        133    LICK TWP
ANGLING             JOHN                138    MADISON TWP
ANTHONY             GEORGE              143    CLINTON TWP
ANTHONY             JACOB               143    CLINTON TWP
ANTHONY             WILLIAM             143    CLINTON TWP
ANTHONY             NICHOLAS            135    JACKSON TWP
ANTWELL             JOHN                134    LICK TWP
ARGABRIGHT          PHILIP              147    HARRISON TWP
ARMSTRONG           JOSEPH              132    LICK TWP
ARMSTRONG           HENRY               133    LICK TWP
ARTHUR              STEPHEN             138    MADISON TWP
ARTHUR              NIMOD               139    MADISON TWP
ARTHUR              BENJAMIN            140    MADISON TWP
ARTHUR              JOEL                140    MADISON TWP
AUSTIN              THOMAS              137    MILTON TWP
AYRES               WILLIAM             142    CLINTON TWP
BACONS              JOHN                142    CLINTON TWP
BAKER               ISAAC               149    FRANKLIN TWP
BAKER               JOHN                149    FRANKLIN TWP
BARBEE              HAZEL               148    HARRISON TWP
BARBEE              WILLIAM             148    HARRISON TWP
BARTON              SHARP               141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
BARTON              THOMAS              142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
BEARDSLEY           NEHEMIAH            134    LICK TWP
BEARS               WILLIAM             132    LICK TWP
BELIAL              SUSANA              142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
BENCHET (or BURCHET) JOHN               146    RICHLAND TWP
BENNETT             JOHN                132    LICK TWP
BICKLE              CHRISTOPHER         147    HARRISON TWP
BLAKE               CHARLES             138    MADISON TWP
BLAKE               JOHN                140    MADISON TWP
BLAKE               THEOPHELUS          140    MADISON TWP
BLOSS               JUDE                140    MADISON TWP
BOARER              ANDREW              135    JACKSON TWP
BOGGS               ANDREW              141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
BOGGS               FRANCIS             149    FRANKLIN TWP
BOGGS               EZEKIEL             150    FRANKLIN TWP
BONAM               LANDON              144    SCIOTO TWP
BONDURANT           DRURY               136    MILTON TWP
BORTON (or BOSTON)  LABON               139    MADISON TWP
BOWEN               GEORGE              144    SCIOTO TWP
BOWERS (or BOWEN)   JACOB               144    CLINTON TWP
BRADBURN            AGNATIUS            150    FRANKLIN TWP
BRADY               JAMES               147    HARRISON TWP
BREWER              JESSE               149    FRANKLIN TWP
BREWER              ENOCH               148    HARRISON TWP
BREWER              WILLIS              148    HARRISON TWP
BREWER              SOLOMON             135    JACKSON TWP
BROWN               SOLOMON             133    LICK TWP
BROWN               SIMPSON             134    LICK TWP
BROWN               GEORGE              136    MILTON TWP
BROWN               JEREMIAH            136    MILTON TWP
BROWN               NATHAN              136    MILTON TWP
BROWN               ZEPHANIAH           136    MILTON TWP
BROWN               REUBEN              137    MILTON TWP
BROWN               WILLIAM             137    MILTON TWP
BROWN               ROBERT              146    RICHLAND TWP
BUNN                SAMUEL              148    FRANKLIN TWP
BUNSHAW?            DAVID               132    LICK TWP
BURGISS             NATHAN              144    SCIOTO TWP
BURNSIDES           JOHN                149    FRANKLIN TWP
BURRIS              WILLIAM             141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
BURRIS              GEORGE              137    MILTON TWP
BURT                SAMUEL M.           136    MILTON TWP
BYERS               EDWARD              136    JACKSON TWP
CACHILL             JOHN                132    LICK TWP
CADY                PHILIP              150    FRANKLIN TWP
CAITING             EDWARD              148    HARRISON TWP
CALHONE             ROBERT Y.           139    MADISON TWP
CALLAHAN            JOHN                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
CALLAHAN            JOHN                139    MADISON TWP
CAMPBELL            GEORGE              142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
CARRICK             SAMUEL              149    FRANKLIN TWP
CASSELL             ABRAHAM             146    RICHLAND TWP
CASSELL             RACHEL              146    RICHLAND TWP
CELLS               ADAM                135    JACKSON TWP
CHAPMAN             JAMES               148    FRANKLIN TWP
CLAAR               GEORGE              150    FRANKLIN TWP
CLARK               WILLIAM             150    FRANKLIN TWP
CLARK               THOMAS              134    JACKSON TWP
CLARK               DANIEL              135    JACKSON TWP
CLARK               ISAAC               135    JACKSON TWP
CLARK               JOHN                135    JACKSON TWP
CLARK               NOAH                146    RICHLAND TWP
CLAYPOOL            GEORGE              137    MILTON TWP
CLAYPOOL            GEORGE              146    RICHLAND TWP
CLEMMONS            WILLIAM F.          150    FRANKLIN TWP
CLEMMONS            JOHN JR.            145    SCIOTO TWP
CLEMMONS            JOHN                145    SCIOTO TWP
COCHRAN             ANNA C.             150    FRANKLIN TWP
COLLINS             WILLIAM             143    CLINTON TWP
COLLINS             THOMAS              135    JACKSON TWP
COMER               GEORGE              135    JACKSON TWP
COMER               CATHARINE           135    JACKSON TWP
COMER               WILLIAM             139    MADISON TWP
COONS               HENRY               135    JACKSON TWP
CORN                JOHN                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
CORN                GEORGE              142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
COX                 ABRAHAM             147    HARRISON TWP
COX                 THOMAS              147    HARRISON TWP
COX                 LYDIA               146    RICHLAND TWP
COX                 NATHAN              146    RICHLAND TWP
CRABILL             MICHAEL             142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
CRABILL             PETER               139    MADISON TWP
CRABTREE            LEWIS               144    SCIOTO TWP
CRABTREE            EDWARD              145    SCIOTO TWP
CRABTREE            JAMES               145    SCIOTO TWP
CRABTREE            LEWIS               145    SCIOTO TWP
CRABTREE            THOMAS              145    SCIOTO TWP
CRABTREE            THOMAS              145    SCIOTO TWP
CRABTREE            WILLIAM             145    SCIOTO TWP
CRAGO               JAMES               135    JACKSON TWP
CRAGO               JOHN                133    LICK TWP
CRAIG               WILLIAM             143    CLINTON TWP
CRAIG               THOMAS JR.          148    FRANKLIN TWP
CRAIG               THOMAS SR.          148    FRANKLIN TWP
CROOKHAM            GEORGE S. (or L.)   132    LICK TWP
CROTH               ISAAC               146    RICHLAND TWP
CROUCH              JOSEPH              136    MILTON TWP
CROW                WILLIAM             143    CLINTON TWP
CROW                WILLIAM             135    JACKSON TWP
CROW                ABRAHAM             133    LICK TWP
CRUMP               GEORGE              140    MADISON TWP
CULP                JACOB               144    SCIOTO TWP
CULP                CORNELIUS           145    SCIOTO TWP
CULP                HENRY               145    SCIOTO TWP
DARBY               WILLIAM             135    JACKSON TWP
DARBY               SAMUEL              146    RICHLAND TWP
DARLING             ROBERT              135    JACKSON TWP
DARLING             TIMOTHY             133    LICK TWP
DAVIS               WILLIAM             135    JACKSON TWP
DAVIS               WALTER              136    JACKSON TWP
DAVIS               LEVI                146    RICHLAND TWP
DAWSON              ABIJAH              150    FRANKLIN TWP
DAWSON              JAMES               150    FRANKLIN TWP
DEHAVEN             ABRAHAM             133    LICK TWP
DELAY               WILLIAM             136    MILTON TWP
DELAY               JACOB               137    MILTON TWP
DELAY               JONATHAN            138    MILTON TWP
DEVER               GEORGE              146    SCIOTO TWP
DICKESON            JOHN                142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
DICKESON            REUBEN              134    LICK TWP
DILL                ANDREW              144    CLINTON TWP
DIMPSEY             JAMES               143    CLINTON TWP
DIMPSEY             JONATHAN            138    MILTON TWP
DIXON               ENOCH               147    HARRISON TWP
DIXON               JOHN                147    HARRISON TWP
DIXON               NATHAN              147    HARRISON TWP
DIXON               WILLIAM             147    HARRISON TWP
DIXON               JESSE               148    HARRISON TWP
DIXON               JOSEPH              148    HARRISON TWP
DIXON               JESSE               146    RICHLAND TWP
DIXON               HENRY               144    SCIOTO TWP
DIXON               ELI                 145    SCIOTO TWP
DIXON               HENRY               145    SCIOTO TWP
DIXON               JOHN                145    SCIOTO TWP
DOCKINS             WILLIAM             138    MILTON TWP
DONNALLY            ANDREW              133    LICK TWP
DOTY                ELIJAH              145    SCIOTO TWP
DOTY                SARAH               145    SCIOTO TWP
DOWTHIT             ROBERT              137    MILTON TWP
DULANG (or DULANY)  ELIJAH              139    MADISON TWP
DUNCAN              JOHN                148    FRANKLIN TWP
ELDER               ROBERT              143    CLINTON TWP
ELDER               THOMAS              143    CLINTON TWP
ELLIOT              THOMAS              142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
ELLIOT              WILLIAM             138    MADISON TWP
ELLIOT              JOHN                136    MILTON TWP
ESLINO (or EXLINE)  JOHN                136    MILTON TWP
EUBANK              ELIZABETH           133    LICK TWP
EUBANK              JOSEPH              133    LICK TWP
EVANS               BENJAMIN            136    MILTON TWP
EWING               JOHN                137    MILTON TWP
EXLINE              DANIEL              137    MILTON TWP
FARLEY              JOHN                140    MADISON TWP
FARNEY              JOHN                149    FRANKLIN TWP
FAUGHT              GRIFFIN             148    FRANKLIN TWP
FLEMING             ANDREW              149    FRANKLIN TWP
FRAZEE              HEZEKIAH            142    CLINTON TWP
FRAZEE              JOHN                142    CLINTON TWP
FRAZEE              HEZEKIAH JR.        143    CLINTON TWP
FRAZEE              ANDREW              138    MILTON TWP
FREEMAN             JOHN                133    LICK TWP
FREEMAN             JOHNSON             133    LICK TWP
FRENCH              HENRY               134    LICK TWP
FRESLER             JONATHAN            150    FRANKLIN TWP
FULLERTON           JAMES               138    MADISON TWP
FULLERTON           JOHN                140    MADISON TWP
FUNSON              WILLIAM             142    CLINTON TWP
GEORGE              MARY                148    FRANKLIN TWP
GIBBS               ASHLEY              132    LICK TWP
GIBSON              JAMES P.            150    FRANKLIN TWP
GILKESON            JONATHAN            133    LICK TWP
GILLALAND           JOHN B.             149    FRANKLIN TWP
GILLALAND           HUGH                150    FRANKLIN TWP
GILLALAND           SAMUEL              146    SCIOTO TWP
GILLASPIE           JOHN B.             134    JACKSON TWP
GILLASPIE           JOHN                133    LICK TWP
GILLASPIE           MOSES               136    MILTON TWP
GIVENS              WILLIAM             132    LICK TWP
GOODENOUGH          SALOMON             134    JACKSON TWP
GRAHAM              JOSEPH              144    SCIOTO TWP
GRAHAM              JAMES               145    SCIOTO TWP
GRAHAM              JOHN                145    SCIOTO TWP
GRAY                GEORGE  G.          139    MADISON TWP
GREAVES             JONATHAN            147    HARRISON TWP
GREAVES             JOSEPH              147    RICHLAND TWP
GREGG               WILLIAM             147    HARRISON TWP
GREGORY             WILLIAM             138    MILTON TWP
GROVES              WILLIAM             134    JACKSON TWP
GUIRE               SILAS               135    JACKSON TWP
GUTHRY              JAMES               142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
HALE                JAMES               145    SCIOTO TWP
HALL                JOHN                133    LICK TWP
HALO                MOSES               141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
HALO                JAMES               142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
HALO                JOHN                142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
HALO                WILLIAM             140    MADISON TWP
HALTERMAN           DANIEL              144    SCIOTO TWP
HALTERMAN           JOHN                144    SCIOTO TWP
HAMILTON            JAMA                138    MADISON TWP
HANNA               ROBERT  G.          142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
HANNA               JOHN                136    MILTON TWP
HANNA               CHRISTOPHER         137    MILTON TWP
HARMAN              JOHN                139    MADISON TWP
HARRIS              WILLIAM             149    FRANKLIN TWP
HAWK                ABRAHAM             137    MILTON TWP
HAWK                JOSEPH              144    SCIOTO TWP
HAYES               ISAAC               135    JACKSON TWP
HAYS                NEHEMIAH            135    JACKSON TWP
HEARTLEY            JOHN                134    JACKSON TWP
HENSON              NANCY               139    MADISON TWP
HICKS               JOEL                147    HARRISON TWP
HIGINBOTHAM         JAMES               148    FRANKLIN TWP
HIGINBOTHUM         CHARLES             132    LICK TWP
HILL                ALEXANDER           132    LICK TWP
HILL                WILLIAM             134    LICK TWP
HIMAN               CYNTHIA             133    LICK TWP
HOFFMAN             DANIEL              132    LICK TWP
HOLLINGSHEAD        DANIEL              143    CLINTON TWP
HOLLINGSHED         JAMES               143    CLINTON TWP
HOOVER              ALEXANDER           139    MADISON TWP
HORTON              JOHN                139    MADISON TWP
HORTON              DANIEL              146    RICHLAND TWP
HORTON              ISAAC               146    RICHLAND TWP
HOW                 WILLIAM             134    JACKSON TWP
HOWARD              ANTONY              137    MILTON TWP
HOWARD              JOSEPH              137    MILTON TWP
HOWARD              ROBERT              137    MILTON TWP
HOWELL              LEVI                139    MADISON TWP
HUBBLE              MERRIT              147    HARRISON TWP
HUGHS               HENRY               149    FRANKLIN TWP
HUGHS               WILLIAM             149    FRANKLIN TWP
HULTZO              JAMES               133    LICK TWP
HURST               HOOPER              132    LICK TWP
IRWIN               THOMAS              142    CLINTON TWP
IRWIN               SAMUEL              143    CLINTON TWP
IRWINS (or IRWIN)   ROBERT              141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
JACOBS              JOHN                150    FRANKLIN TWP
JAMES               DANIEL              134    LICK TWP
JAMES               JOHN                134    LICK TWP
JENKINS             AMOS                138    MADISON TWP
JENKINS             WILLIAM H.C.        138    MADISON TWP
JOHNSON             BAZIL               141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
JOHNSON             SOLOMON             141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
JOHNSON             HENRY               143    CLINTON TWP
JOHNSON             HENRY SR.           143    CLINTON TWP
JOHNSON             JOHN                143    CLINTON TWP
JOHNSON             JAMES               148    FRANKLIN TWP
JOHNSON             RICHARD             148    FRANKLIN TWP
JOHNSON             JAMES               149    FRANKLIN TWP
JOHNSON             JOHN                149    FRANKLIN TWP
JOHNSON             SILAS               140    MADISON TWP
JOHNSON             THOMAS S.           144    SCIOTO TWP
JONES               CHARLES             142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
JONES               HENRY               137    MILTON TWP
JONES               THOMAS              147    RICHLAND TWP
JORDON              WILLIAM             148    HARRISON TWP
KAZY                JOHN                135    JACKSON TWP
KELLER              PETER               145    SCIOTO TWP
KELLY               JAMES               140    MADISON TWP
KELLY               JESSE               140    MADISON TWP
KESHINGER           WILLIAM             134    LICK TWP
KIGHT               JOHN                137    MILTON TWP
KINCAID             ROBERT              136    MILTON TWP
KINNISON            CHARLES             137    MILTON TWP
KIRBY               JANE                149    FRANKLIN TWP
KIRKENDALL          ANGLESEA            144    SCIOTO TWP
KIRKENDALL          JOHN                144    SCIOTO TWP
LACKEY              JAMES               142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
LAKE                SILAS               132    LICK TWP
LANTZE              AARON               146    RICHLAND TWP
LARABEE             WILLIAM             133    LICK TWP
LEACH               HARRISON B.         143    CLINTON TWP
LEACH               LEWIS               143    CLINTON TWP
LEACH               THOMAS W.           143    CLINTON TWP
LEACH               ANDRESS             138    MILTON TWP
LEO                 JACOB               149    FRANKLIN TWP
LEONARD             DAVID               134    JACKSON TWP
LEWIS               BAZIL               140    MADISON TWP
LITTERAL            JOHN                136    MILTON TWP
LOCKARD             AGNES               147    RICHLAND TWP
LOCKARD             JOSEPH              147    RICHLAND TWP
LONG                BENJAMIN            141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
LONG                ANDREW              137    MILTON TWP
LONG                REUBEN              137    MILTON TWP
LONG                ADAM                138    MILTON TWP
LYONS               WILLIAM             150    FRANKLIN TWP
MABEE               MARY                133    LICK TWP
MACKLY              SOLOMON             140    MADISON TWP
MAIL                JAMES               144    CLINTON TWP
MAINES              SOLOMON             132    LICK TWP
MARTIN              JOHN                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
MARTIN              JOHN                148    FRANKLIN TWP
MARTIN              JESSE               149    FRANKLIN TWP
MARTIN              JOHN                149    FRANKLIN TWP
MARTIN              JOHN                135    JACKSON TWP
MARTIN              HUGH                132    LICK TWP
MARTIN              GEORGE              137    MILTON TWP
MARVIN              PICKET              141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
MASSIE              JEPTHA              140    MADISON TWP
MASSIE              MOSES               140    MADISON TWP
MASSIE              THOMAS              140    MADISON TWP
MASTERS             EZEKIAL             150    FRANKLIN TWP
MATTHEWS            JAMES               139    MADISON TWP
MATTICKS            HYRAM               144    SCIOTO TWP
MC BRIDE            JOHN                132    LICK TWP
MC CAIN             PETER               145    SCIOTO TWP
MC CARLEY           WILLIAM             141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
MC CLINTICK         WILLIAM             137    MILTON TWP
MC CLURE            SAMUEL              141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
MC CLURE            JOHN                133    LICK TWP
MC COLLISTER        JOHN                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
MC CONNELL          WILLIAM             143    CLINTON TWP
MC CORKLE           ROBERT              138    MADISON TWP
MC COY              JOHN                150    FRANKLIN TWP
MC DANIEL           JAMES               140    MADISON TWP
MC DOUGAL           RICHARD             146    RICHLAND TWP
MC DOWELL           JOHN                144    SCIOTO TWP
MC DOWELL           SAMUEL              144    SCIOTO TWP
MC DOWELL           JOHN JR.            145    SCIOTO TWP
MC GHEE             JOHN                133    LICK TWP
MC KEEL             MOSES               148    FRANKLIN TWP
MC KINNIS           CHARLES             135    JACKSON TWP
MC KINSEY           WILLIAM             142    CLINTON TWP
MC NEEL             GABRIEL             138    MADISON TWP
MC NUTT             JOHN                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
MC PHETERS          ANDREW              135    JACKSON TWP
MC VEY              JAMES               146    RICHLAND TWP
MEAD                EBENEZER            143    CLINTON TWP
MERCER              NOTTINGHAM          149    FRANKLIN TWP
MERCER              LEVI                150    FRANKLIN TWP
MERCER              ROBERT              150    FRANKLIN TWP
MERCER              THOMAS              146    SCIOTO TWP
MERRILLS            JOHN                147    HARRISON TWP
MEWS                JAMES               135    JACKSON TWP
MILLER              HUGH                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
MILLER              JACOB               134    LICK TWP
MILLER              ISAAC               145    SCIOTO TWP
MILLIGHAN           JAMES               132    LICK TWP
MITCHELL            DAVID               133    LICK TWP
MOATS               ABRAHAM             147    HARRISON TWP
MOATS               JOHN                147    HARRISON TWP
MOATS               JOHN                136    JACKSON TWP
MONEY               WILLIAM             145    SCIOTO TWP
MOOLER              JACOB               138    MADISON TWP
MOONEY              GEORGE              135    JACKSON TWP
MOORE               THOMAS              137    MILTON TWP
MORRLEY             MOSES               143    CLINTON TWP
MORROW              JAMES               143    CLINTON TWP
MOSS                JAMES               149    FRANKLIN TWP
MOSS                JOSEPH              137    MILTON TWP
MURDOCH             JOHN                148    FRANKLIN TWP
NALLY               MOSES               133    LICK TWP
NELSON              ROSS                148    FRANKLIN TWP
NEWELL              HYBUT               134    JACKSON TWP
NEWELL              ISAAC               134    JACKSON TWP
NEWELL              GEORGE              138    MADISON TWP
NICKLES             LEONARD             135    JACKSON TWP
NICKOLSON           ELIZABETH           145    SCIOTO TWP
NULL                JACOB               140    MADISON TWP
NULL                TETER               140    MADISON TWP
NYE                 MICHAEL             145    SCIOTO TWP
ODLE                CALEB               136    MILTON TWP
OGG                 JOHN                133    LICK TWP
OLIVER              DANIEL              139    MADISON TWP
OLIVER              THOMAS              139    MADISON TWP
OLIVER              WILLIAM             139    MADISON TWP
OURY                FRANCIS             148    FRANKLIN TWP
OWENS               WILLIAM             149    FRANKLIN TWP
PAINE               DAVID               143    CLINTON TWP
PALMER              AUSTIN              136    MILTON TWP
PALMER              LAYTON              138    MILTON TWP
PANCAKE             VALENTINE           132    LICK TWP
PEANEY              HORACE              132    LICK TWP
PEARA               NANCY               139    MADISON TWP
PEMBERTON           JAMES               149    FRANKLIN TWP
PETERSON            JAMES               145    SCIOTO TWP
PETTY               DUDLEY              138    MADISON TWP
PEWTHERS            JOHN                144    SCIOTO TWP
PHILBRICK           BENJAMIN            141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
PHILIPS             JOHN                142    CLINTON TWP
PHILIPS             ABNER               140    MADISON TWP
PHILIPS             JAMES               140    MADISON TWP
PHILIPS             THOMAS              138    MILTON TWP
PICKERAEL           SOLOMON             134    LICK TWP
PITSENBERGER        PHILIP              134    JACKSON TWP
POFFENBERGER        HENRY               133    LICK TWP
POOR                ALEXANDER           141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
POOR                HUGH                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
POTTER              JOHN                146    RICHLAND TWP
POWER               JAMES               139    MADISON TWP
POWER               JOHN                139    MADISON TWP
QUINBY              NANCY               134    LICK TWP
RADABAUGH           SAMUEL              138    MADISON TWP
RADCLIFF            DAVID               148    FRANKLIN TWP
RADCLIFF            CHARLES             133    LICK TWP
RADCLIFFE           TIMOTHY             147    HARRISON TWP
RAINES              JOHN                147    HARRISON TWP
RAINES              LAURENCE            147    HARRISON TWP
RANKINS             JOHN                142    CLINTON TWP
RANSOM              WILLIAM             133    LICK TWP
REDFERN             JAMES               146    RICHLAND TWP
REDFERN             SOLOMON             146    RICHLAND TWP
REED                WILLIAM             143    CLINTON TWP
REED                ACKLIN              144    CLINTON TWP
REED                DOWNEY              144    CLINTON TWP
REED                SIMON               147    HARRISON TWP
REED                JEREMIAH B.         133    LICK TWP
REED                JOHN                136    MILTON TWP
REED                ENOCH               146    RICHLAND TWP
REYNOLDS            CHARLES             134    LICK TWP
RHEA                THOMAS              147    HARRISON TWP
RHEA                WILLIAM             134    JACKSON TWP
RHOADS              JOSHUA              137    MILTON TWP
RICE                JAMES               141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
RICE                ALLEN               141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
RICHMOND            NATHANIEL           142    CLINTON TWP
RICHMOND            EDMUND              132    LICK TWP
RICHMOND            GUY                 132    LICK TWP
RICHMOND            HULDAH              132    LICK TWP
RICHMOND            ROSWELL             132    LICK TWP
RICHMOND            SETH                133    LICK TWP
RICKBAUGH           REUBEN              142    CLINTON TWP
RIDER               MATTHEW             133    LICK TWP
ROACH               JEREMIAH            139    MADISON TWP
ROACH               REUBEN              139    MADISON TWP
ROBBERTS            ABRAHAM             146    RICHLAND TWP
ROBBERTS            HEZEKIAH W.         146    RICHLAND TWP
ROBBINS             CHARLES             143    CLINTON TWP
ROBBINSON           GEORGE              137    MILTON TWP
RODABAUGH           CATHARINE           139    MADISON TWP
RODABAUGH           GEORGE              139    MADISON TWP
RODABAUGH           JESSE               140    MADISON TWP
ROMINES             JAMES               140    MADISON TWP
RONHERY             ROBERT              149    FRANKLIN TWP
ROOKO               JOHN                149    FRANKLIN TWP
RORE (or ROSE)      WILLIAM             139    MADISON TWP
ROSS                JOSEPH W.           132    LICK TWP
ROWLTON (or ROWLTE) HENRY               133    LICK TWP
RUSSELL             RANDAL              142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
SADDLER             JAMES               132    LICK TWP
SALTS               EDWARD              143    CLINTON TWP
SALTS               JOHN                147    HARRISON TWP
SALTS               MARY                148    HARRISON TWP
SCHELLINGER         JACOB               132    LICK TWP
SCHROCK             PHILIP              137    MILTON TWP
SCOTT               THOMAS              149    FRANKLIN TWP
SCOTT               ALEXANDER           144    SCIOTO TWP
SCOTT               FRANCES             144    SCIOTO TWP
SCOTT               WILLIAM             144    SCIOTO TWP
SCOTT               HUGH                145    SCIOTO TWP
SCURLOCK            JOSHUA              142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
SCURLOCK            WILLIAM             142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
SEALL               PETER               140    MADISON TWP
SEYMORE             SOLOMON             147    HARRISON TWP
SHEARER             PATRICK             143    CLINTON TWP
SHEILDS             JAMES               146    RICHLAND TWP
SHOEMAKER           JACOB               150    FRANKLIN TWP
SHOEMAKER           JOHN                140    MADISON TWP
SHUARD              PHEBY               150    FRANKLIN TWP
SHUARD              RACHEL              150    FRANKLIN TWP
SHUMATE             JOHN                140    MADISON TWP
SILLIMAN            GORSHUM             147    HARRISON TWP
SILVY               WILLIAM             139    MADISON TWP
SIMMONS             ESTERLING           137    MILTON TWP
SMALLEY             DANIEL              134    JACKSON TWP
SMITH               HENRY               147    HARRISON TWP
SMITH               JOSEPH              132    LICK TWP
SMITH               JACOB               141    MADISON TWP
SNOOK               JOHN                143    CLINTON TWP
SNORGESS            ROBERT              149    FRANKLIN TWP
SOUTHARD            VINCENT             133    LICK TWP
SPENCER             THOMAS              139    MADISON TWP
SPRIGS              DANIEL              144    SCIOTO TWP
STARR               JOHN                136    JACKSON TWP
STEEL               JOHN                135    JACKSON TWP
STEEN               JOHN                134    JACKSON TWP
STEPHENSON          JAMES               141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
STEPHENSON          JOHN                141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
STEPHENSON          SAMUEL              148    FRANKLIN TWP
STEPHENSON          JAMES               149    FRANKLIN TWP
STEPHENSON          WILLIAM             149    FRANKLIN TWP
STINSON             JOHN                134    JACKSON TWP
STOCKUM             WILLIAM             132    LICK TWP
STOKER              MICHAEL             141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
STOKER              DAVID               138    MADISON TWP
STRAIN              ISAAC               135    JACKSON TWP
STRINGER            DANIEL              132    LICK TWP
STRONG              JARED               132    LICK TWP
STROUPS             JOHN                149    FRANKLIN TWP
SWEAT               ROBERT              132    LICK TWP
THORN               WILLIAM             138    MILTON TWP
TIMBERMANS          BENJAMIN            138    MILTON TWP
TOPING              JOHN JR.            139    MADISON TWP
TOPING              JOHN SR.            139    MADISON TWP
TRIPP               JOSHUA              143    CLINTON TWP
TURNER              CALEB               148    FRANKLIN TWP
TYLOR               TIMOTHY             136    JACKSON TWP
VANDEFORD           ELI                 147    HARRISON TWP
VANSCOY             JONATHAN            135    JACKSON TWP
VARNUM              ELISHA              137    MILTON TWP
VARNUM              JONATHAN            137    MILTON TWP
VINCENT             CUTHBURT            137    MILTON TWP
WALDREN             GEORGE              146    RICHLAND TWP
WALTON              JAMES               140    MADISON TWP
WALTON              WILLIAM             140    MADISON TWP
WALTON              DAVID W.            145    SCIOTO TWP
WARD                ROBERT (or ROBIN)   142    CLINTON TWP
WARD                WILLIAM             149    FRANKLIN TWP
WARD                IRA                 135    JACKSON TWP
WARD                JOHN                146    RICHLAND TWP
WASHBURN            ISAAC               135    JACKSON TWP
WEARE               ELIZABETH           142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
WEEKS               JAMES               132    LICK TWP
WELKER              ADAM                138    MADISON TWP
WELLS               ABSALOM             149    FRANKLIN TWP
WESTFALL            ELI                 132    LICK TWP
WESTFALL            JACOB               138    MILTON TWP
WESTLAKE            JOSEPH              149    FRANKLIN TWP
WHALEY              ABNER               144    SCIOTO TWP
WHALEY              GEORGE JR.          144    SCIOTO TWP
WHALEY              GEORGE SR.          144    SCIOTO TWP
WHALEY              SILAS               144    SCIOTO TWP
WHEATLEY            HENRY               136    MILTON TWP
WHITE               WILLIAM             133    LICK TWP
WHITMAN             HOLLY               137    MILTON TWP
WHITSELL            JOHN                136    MILTON TWP
WILBER              ABRAHAM             143    CLINTON TWP
WILES               COONROD             134    JACKSON TWP
WILKINSON           ANNA                148    HARRISON TWP
WILKISON            WILLIAM             148    HARRISON TWP
WILLIAMS            EDWARD              136    MILTON TWP
WILLIAMS            JEREMIAH S.         136    MILTON TWP
WILLIAMS            WILLIAM             136    MILTON TWP
WILSON              WILLIAM             134    JACKSON TWP
WILSON              JOHN                135    JACKSON TWP
WILSON              JOSEPH              133    LICK TWP
WILSON              ALEXANDER           145    SCIOTO TWP
WINKS               JOSHUA              148    FRANKLIN TWP
WISHONG             JACOB               150    FRANKLIN TWP
WOODEN              SAMUEL              150    FRANKLIN TWP
WOODRUFF            BENJAMIN            141    BLOOMFIELD TWP
YEAGER              JOHN                142    BLOOMFIELD TWP
YEAGER              PHILIP              150    FRANKLIN TWP

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