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510 Feature records have been selected from GNIS. 

Latitude is expressed in the form ddmmss North, where dd = degrees, mm = minutes, and ss = seconds.
Longitude is expressed in the form dddmmss West, where ddd = degrees, mm = minutes, and ss = seconds.

Feature Name                 Type      Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map 
---------------------------- --------- -------- --------- ------------------------
Abmac (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Agatha (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Byer
Altoona                      pop place 390648N  0823512W  Wellston
Antioch Cemetery             cemetery  385708N  0823753W  Petersburg
Antioch Church               church    385711N  0823820W  Petersburg
Apostolic Church             church    390246N  0823855W  Jackson
Arthur Cemetery              cemetery  385546N  0823431W  Oak Hill
Baisden Airport              airport   390613N  0823639W  Wellston
Baker Swamp                  swamp     385659N  0823647W  Oak Hill
Banner                       pop place 385624N  0823542W  Oak Hill
Banquet Foods Reservoir      reservoir 390600N  0823218W  Wellston
Banquet Foods Reservoir Dam  dam       390600N  0823218W  Wellston
Baptist Cemetery             cemetery  390450N  0823111W  Wellston
Barnhart Hollow              valley    385023N  0823845W  South Webster
Beaver Pond (historical)     lake      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Beeterman Chapel             church    390016N  0824125W  Jackson
Bethana Cemetery             cemetery  385758N  0822906W  Rio Grande
Bethany Church               church    385700N  0824023W  Petersburg
Bethel Carr Church           church    390844N  0824606W  Richmond Dale
Bethel Cemetery              cemetery  390402N  0824621W  Beaver
Bethel Church                church    390347N  0824638W  Beaver
Bethel Church                church    385110N  0823550W  Gallia
Bethesda Cemetery            cemetery  385639N  0822719W  Rio Grande
Bethesda Church              church    385829N  0824617W  Stockdale
Bethlehem Cemetery           cemetery  385746N  0822742W  Rio Grande
Big Rock                     summit    390558N  0824632W  Beaver
Big Rock                     pop place 390606N  0824635W  Beaver
Big Rock Lake                reservoir 390600N  0824724W  Beaver
Big Rock Lake Dam            dam       390600N  0824724W  Beaver
Black Fork                   stream    385229N  0823556W  Gallia
Black Knob School (historic  school    391129N  0824230W  Byer
Blackfork Junction           pop place 385137N  0823602W  Gallia
Bloomfield Elementary Schoo  school    385912N  0823211W  Oak Hill
Bloomfield, Township of      civil     385943N  0823024W  Oak Hill
Brady Cemetery               cemetery  385640N  0823443W  Oak Hill
Brocks Corner                pop place 391126N  0824538W  Richmond Dale
Brown Cemetery               cemetery  385722N  0823929W  Petersburg
Brushy Fork                  stream    385916N  0824703W  Stockdale
Bryn Hyfryd Church           church    385210N  0823246W  Gallia
Buckeye                      pop place 390316N  0822733W  Mulga
Buckeye Church               church    390033N  0824133W  Jackson
Buckeye Creek                stream    390359N  0823959W  Jackson
Buckeye Furnace (historical  locale    390323N  0822727W  Mulga
Buckeye Furnace (historical  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Buckeye Furnace Bridge       bridge    390215N  0822735W  Mulga
Buckeye Furnace State Memor  park      390345N  0822722W  Mulga
Buckeye Swamp                swamp     390212N  0824359W  Jackson
Buckley Cemetery             cemetery  385826N  0823501W  Oak Hill
Bud (historical)             pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Buffalo                      pop place 390547N  0823854W  Jackson
Buffer Run                   stream    390341N  0822716W  Mulga
Bundy Elementary School      school    390704N  0823239W  Wellston
Bunkers Hill                 summit    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Bunn School (historical)     school    390130N  0823715W  Wellston
Buzzards Rocks               area      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Byer                         pop place 391053N  0823753W  Byer
Byer Bridge                  bridge    391053N  0823801W  Byer
Cackley Swamp                swamp     385524N  0823217W  Oak Hill
Calahan Cemetery             cemetery  385616N  0823446W  Oak Hill
Calvary Cemetery             cemetery  390735N  0823326W  Hamden
Calvary United Methodist Ch  church    390401N  0823829W  Jackson
Camba                        pop place 385753N  0823619W  Oak Hill
Cambridge (historical)       pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Camp Arrowhead               locale    390509N  0824011W  Jackson
Campbell Cemetery            cemetery  390419N  0823451W  Wellston
Canter Cemetery              cemetery  385308N  0824132W  Petersburg
Canter Cemetery              cemetery  385416N  0824145W  Petersburg
Canters Cave                 cave      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Byer
Canters Run                  stream    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Carmel Cemetery              cemetery  385715N  0822800W  Rio Grande
Carmel Church                church    385715N  0822800W  Rio Grande
Cedar Cemetery               cemetery  390052N  0824340W  Jackson
Centerpoint School (histori  school    390602N  0823844W  Jackson
Centerpoint United Baptist   church    385107N  0822720W  Patriot
Central Elementary School    school    385350N  0823409W  Oak Hill
Central School               school    390719N  0823154W  Wellston
Chapman                      pop place 390521N  0823706W  Wellston
Cherry Fork                  stream    385333N  0822929W  Rio Grande
Chestnut Grove School (hist  school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Christ United Methodist Chu  church    390307N  0823820W  Jackson
Church of God                church    390321N  0823833W  Jackson
Clay                         pop place 385607N  0823401W  Oak Hill
Clayton School (historical)  school    390813N  0823448W  Hamden
Coal Run                     stream    390454N  0822804W  Mulga
Coal, Township of            civil     390622N  0823708W  Wellston
Coalton                      pop place 390649N  0823641W  Wellston
Coalton Cemetery             cemetery  390651N  0823707W  Wellston
Coalton Elementary School    school    390651N  0823646W  Wellston
Columbia Chapel              church    390500N  0823717W  Wellston
Columbia School (historical  school    390501N  0823718W  Wellston
Comer Cemetery               cemetery  385421N  0823730W  Petersburg
Comet                        pop place 390657N  0823304W  Wellston
Congregational Cemetery      cemetery  385335N  0823337W  Oak Hill
Cooper Hollow                valley    385611N  0823058W  Oak Hill
Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area  park      385546N  0822848W  Rio Grande
Coor (historical)            pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Corinth Cemetery             cemetery  385100N  0822751W  Patriot
Corinth Church               church    385059N  0822753W  Patriot
Cove                         locale    390051N  0824451W  Jackson
Cove School (historical)     school    390055N  0824320W  Jackson
Crabtree Cemetery Number 1   cemetery  385939N  0824439W  Petersburg
Crosby Cemetery              cemetery  390751N  0824153W  Byer
Cub Run                      stream    385258N  0823636W  Oak Hill
Culp Cemetery                cemetery  385921N  0824317W  Petersburg
Dark Hollow                  valley    385455N  0824136W  Petersburg
Dark Hollow Church           church    385451N  0824042W  Petersburg
Davis Cemetery               cemetery  390951N  0824405W  Byer
Davis Hollow                 valley    390949N  0824401W  Byer
Davisville                   pop place 390552N  0823644W  Wellston
Dever Cemetery               cemetery  385253N  0824444W  Petersburg
Dever Valley                 valley    385340N  0824621W  Stockdale
Di-Or Pond                   reservoir 390100N  0823536W  Wellston
Di-Or Pond Dam               dam       390100N  0823536W  Wellston
Diamond Hollow               valley    385033N  0823818W  South Webster
Diamond Town (historical)    pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Jackson
Dicks Creek                  stream    385120N  0823204W  Gallia
Dixon Run Cemetery           cemetery  385928N  0822947W  Rio Grande
Dole Cemetery                cemetery  391201N  0823904W  Byer
Donta Pond                   reservoir 385148N  0822748W  Patriot
Donta Pond Dam               dam       385148N  0822748W  Patriot
Downard                      locale    390544N  0822809W  Mulga
Dutch Hollow                 valley    385222N  0824322W  South Webster
Eastburn (historical)        pop place 390615N  0824521W  Beaver
Eckny (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Petersburg
Eddie Jones Park             park      390301N  0823747W  Jackson
Eisnaugle Hollow             valley    390504N  0823720W  Wellston
Eliza Furnace (historical)   locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Eliza School (historical)    school    390700N  0823101W  Wellston
Ellsworth (historical)       pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Emmanuel Baptist Church      church    390315N  0823837W  Jackson
Emory Church                 church    385115N  0822829W  Patriot
Englishville                 pop place 390646N  0823625W  Wellston
Erie (historical)            pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Jackson
Erwin Hollow                 valley    390748N  0824304W  Byer
Evergreen Church             church    390825N  0823909W  Byer
Exline Cemetery              cemetery  390524N  0823756W  Jackson
FIrst Baptist Church         church    390303N  0823819W  Jackson
Fairmount Cemetery           cemetery  390333N  0823735W  Jackson
Fairview School (historical  school    390248N  0823156W  Wellston
Faith United Methodist Chur  church    385343N  0823435W  Oak Hill
Fellowship Baptist Church    church    390315N  0823838W  Jackson
First Baptist Church         church    390720N  0823159W  Wellston
First Church of the Nazaren  church    390316N  0823817W  Jackson
First Presbyterian Church    church    390306N  0823807W  Jackson
Fisher Cemetery (Vinton Co.) cemetery  390601N  0822540W  Mulga
Flatwoods                    area      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Oak Hill
Four Mile                    pop place 385900N  0823832W  Petersburg
Fourmile Cemetery            cemetery  385824N  0823801W  Petersburg
Fourmile Church              church    385520N  0823904W  Petersburg
Fourmile Church              church    385859N  0823829W  Petersburg
Fourmile Creek               stream    390049N  0823628W  Wellston
Franklin Cemetery            cemetery  390937N  0823423W  Hamden
Franklin Cemetery            cemetery  385740N  0823602W  Oak Hill
Franklin Elementary School   school    385750N  0823611W  Oak Hill
Franklin Valley              valley    390201N  0823659W  Wellston
Franklin, Township of        civil     385837N  0823722W  Oak Hill
Fraser Cemetery              cemetery  385840N  0823214W  Oak Hill
Furnace                      locale    390323N  0822726W  Mulga
Gallahan Pond                reservoir 390824N  0823742W  Byer
Gallahan Pond Dam            dam       390824N  0823742W  Byer
Garfield                     pop place 390725N  0823712W  Wellston
German Cemetery              cemetery  385847N  0824520W  Stockdale
Gillums Lake                 lake      391147N  0824547W  Richmond Dale
Glade                        pop place 390048N  0824658W  Beaver
Glade Run                    stream    390918N  0823745W  Byer
Glade Stolport               airport   390042N  0824719W  Beaver
Glades, The                  valley    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Glassburn Cemetery           cemetery  390346N  0824200W  Jackson
Glen Nell                    pop place 390851N  0823717W  Hamden
Glen Roy                     pop place 390645N  0823447W  Wellston
Glen Roy Cemetery            cemetery  390648N  0823422W  Wellston
Goldsboro                    pop place 390701N  0823405W  Wellston
Goose Run                    stream    390221N  0822815W  Mulga
Grace Hollow                 valley    390540N  0823624W  Wellston
Grace United Methodist Chur  church    390305N  0823831W  Jackson
Grahamsville                 pop place 385731N  0824234W  Petersburg
Grahamsville Cemetery        cemetery  385718N  0824237W  Petersburg
Grant Lifeflight 2 Heliport  airport   390730N  0823218W  Hamden
Grassy Fork                  stream    385622N  0823113W  Oak Hill
Greasy Run                   stream    390304N  0822725W  Mulga
Green Meadow (historical)    pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Greens Store                 locale    390748N  0824203W  Byer
Hale Cemetery                cemetery  390054N  0823437W  Wellston
Hamilton Church              church    385453N  0824226W  Petersburg
Hamilton School              school    385422N  0824228W  Petersburg
Hamilton, Township of        civil     385402N  0824300W  Petersburg
Hammertown Lake              reservoir 390324N  0824106W  Jackson
Hammertown Lake Dam          dam       390324N  0824106W  Jackson
Harper Hollow                valley    390515N  0824434W  Jackson
Harris Cemetery              cemetery  390802N  0824124W  Byer
Haystack Hill                summit    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Hewit (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Hewitt Run                   stream    385441N  0823613W  Oak Hill
Hickman Cemetery             cemetery  390957N  0824520W  Richmond Dale
Hickory Flats                flat      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Hickory Grove Church         church    385313N  0823720W  Oak Hill
Hill Cemetery                cemetery  385403N  0822710W  Rio Grande
Hillside Chapel              church    390403N  0823652W  Wellston
Hitchcock                    pop place 385300N  0823433W  Oak Hill
Hoganville School (historic  school    390514N  0823214W  Wellston
Holland Fork                 stream    385343N  0824628W  Stockdale
Holy Trinity Catholic Church church    390303N  0823804W  Jackson
Hope United Methodist Church church    390722N  0823157W  Wellston
Horeb                        pop place 385412N  0823644W  Oak Hill
Horeb Church                 church    385406N  0823647W  Oak Hill
Horse Creek                  stream    390326N  0823834W  Jackson
Horton Cemetery              cemetery  385530N  0823856W  Petersburg
Howells Crossing             locale    390032N  0824544W  Beaver
Hungry Hollow                valley    385948N  0822806W  Rio Grande
Huntingcamp Creek            stream    385150N  0823347W  Gallia
Huron Furnace (historical)   locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Irish Hollow                 valley    385757N  0824630W  Stockdale
Ironton Junction             pop place 390547N  0823325W  Wellston
Jacko Run                    stream    385738N  0824352W  Petersburg
Jackson                      pop place 390307N  0823812W  Jackson
Jackson Christian Church     church    390304N  0823815W  Jackson
Jackson Church               church    390226N  0823930W  Jackson
Jackson City Hall            building  390305N  0823813W  Jackson
Jackson County               civil     390200N  0823700W  Wellston
Jackson County Courthouse    building  390308N  0823813W  Jackson
Jackson County Fairground    locale    390622N  0823236W  Wellston
Jackson County Home          locale    390131N  0823634W  Wellston
Jackson County Jail          building  390308N  0823813W  Jackson
Jackson Furnace              locale    390235N  0823955W  Jackson
Jackson Furnace Cemetery     cemetery  385133N  0824332W  South Webster
Jackson Furnace Creek        stream    385223N  0824323W  South Webster
Jackson Heights              pop place 390153N  0823741W  Jackson
Jackson Heliport             airport   390229N  0823741W  Jackson
Jackson High School          school    390246N  0823837W  Jackson
Jackson Lake                 reservoir 385330N  0823606W  Oak Hill
Jackson Lake Dam             dam       385330N  0823606W  Oak Hill
Jackson Lake State Reserve   park      385356N  0823605W  Oak Hill
Jackson Post Office          post offi 390300N  0823804W  Jackson
Jackson, Township of         civil     390944N  0824205W  Byer
Jacobs Cemetery              cemetery  385843N  0823932W  Petersburg
James A Rhodes Airport       airport   385852N  0823440W  Oak Hill
Jefferson School             school    385144N  0823709W  Gallia
Jefferson, Township of       civil     385336N  0823642W  Oak Hill
Jenkins Cemetery             cemetery  385602N  0824514W  Stockdale
Jenkins Cemetery             cemetery  385552N  0823650W  Oak Hill
Jimes (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Oak Hill
Jimmy Adams Hollow           valley    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Jisco Lake                   reservoir 390548N  0824018W  Jackson
Jisco Lake Dam               dam       390548N  0824018W  Jackson
Johnson Cemetery             cemetery  385552N  0823555W  Oak Hill
Johnson Road Bridge          bridge    385731N  0824716W  Stockdale
Jonestown                    pop place 390542N  0823757W  Jackson
Kansas School (historical)   school    390201N  0823510W  Wellston
Katherine, Lake              reservoir 390506N  0824030W  Jackson
Keenan Cemetery              cemetery  390438N  0823303W  Wellston
Keeton Cemetery              cemetery  385822N  0822645W  Rio Grande
Kessinger School (historical school    390328N  0823641W  Wellston
Keystone                     pop place 385917N  0823633W  Oak Hill
Keystone Cemetery            cemetery  390051N  0822737W  Mulga
Keystone Lookout Tower       tower     385854N  0822846W  Rio Grande
Kinnison Elementary School   school    390305N  0823822W  Jackson
Kitchen                      pop place 385211N  0823234W  Gallia
Lackey Cemetery              cemetery  385750N  0822844W  Rio Grande
Lackey Ridge                 ridge     385811N  0822730W  Rio Grande
Lake Hollow                  valley    390008N  0823656W  Wellston
Lake Katharine Dam           dam       390506N  0824030W  Jackson
Landrum Cemetery             cemetery  390547N  0824208W  Jackson
Latrobe (historical)         pop place 390412N  0823051W  Wellston
Latrobe School (historical)  school    390421N  0823122W  Wellston
Laurel Fork                  stream    385255N  0824129W  Petersburg
Leach (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Leo                          pop place 390853N  0824009W  Byer
Leo Petroglyph State Memoria park      390859N  0824032W  Byer
Leo School (historical)      school    390850N  0824005W  Byer
Lesmil                       pop place 390930N  0823415W  Hamden
Levi (historical)            pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Lewisville (historical)      pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Liberty School               school    390321N  0824322W  Jackson
Liberty Wildlife Area        park      390625N  0824654W  Beaver
Liberty, Township of         civil     390458N  0824304W  Jackson
Lick Middle School           school    390351N  0823823W  Jackson
Lick, Township of            civil     390310N  0823806W  Jackson
Licks Cemetery               cemetery  390620N  0823346W  Wellston
Limerick                     pop place 390730N  0824501W  Richmond Dale
Limestone (historical)       pop place 385717N  0823145W  Oak Hill
Lincoln Cemetery             cemetery  390742N  0822741W  McArthur
Lincoln Furnace (historical) locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Mulga
Lincoln School (historical)  school    390747N  0822651W  McArthur
Little Bucklick Creek        stream    385434N  0824436W  Petersburg
Locust Grove School (histori school    390532N  0823035W  Wellston
Long Branch                  stream    391142N  0824030W  Byer
Long Branch School (historic school    391037N  0824003W  Byer
Louis Hollow                 valley    391029N  0824036W  Byer
Lucas School (historical)    school    390801N  0823842W  Byer
Lumen Chapel                 church    385922N  0824443W  Petersburg
Mabee Cemetery               cemetery  385436N  0824420W  Petersburg
Mabee Corner                 pop place 385410N  0824316W  Petersburg
Mackley Cemetery             cemetery  385321N  0823521W  Oak Hill
Mackley Run                  stream    385311N  0823626W  Oak Hill
Madison Cemetery             cemetery  385625N  0823050W  Oak Hill
Madison Furnace (historical) locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Madison, Township of         civil     385343N  0823149W  Oak Hill
Maghees Store (historical)   pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Manpower Park                park      390247N  0823754W  Jackson
Maple Grove (historical)     pop place 390617N  0823425W  Wellston
Marcum Cemetery              cemetery  385826N  0823100W  Oak Hill
Masters Cemetery             cemetery  385912N  0823757W  Petersburg
Mathers Cemetery             cemetery  390555N  0823934W  Jackson
McCoy                        pop place 385451N  0824228W  Petersburg
McCoy Cemetery               cemetery  385453N  0824225W  Petersburg
McCoy Grove                  woods     385442N  0824219W  Petersburg
McCulgan Cemetery            cemetery  385213N  0823042W  Gallia
McCune Cemetery              cemetery  390558N  0824412W  Jackson
McCune Ridge                 ridge     390612N  0824411W  Jackson
McGee Cemetery               cemetery  390332N  0823232W  Wellston
McKinley Park                park      390255N  0823812W  Jackson
McKitterick (historical)     pop place 385433N  0823229W  Oak Hill
McKitterick Cemetery         cemetery  385427N  0823235W  Oak Hill
McNeal Cemetery              cemetery  385445N  0823428W  Oak Hill
Meadow Branch (historical)   pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Meadow Hollow                valley    390949N  0824049W  Byer
Meadow Run                   stream    390654N  0823016W  Wellston
Milton Furnace (historical)  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Milton, Township of          civil     390514N  0822913W  Mulga
Monroe                       pop place 385123N  0823745W  South Webster
Monroe Cemetery              cemetery  385153N  0823747W  South Webster
Monroe Chapel                church    385147N  0823755W  South Webster
Monroe Furnace (historical)  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Monroe Hollow                valley    385146N  0823733W  South Webster
Morgantown (historical)      pop place 390657N  0823607W  Wellston
Moriah Church                church    385428N  0823102W  Oak Hill
Morris Chapel                church    390318N  0822729W  Mulga
Morrison (historical), Towns civil     UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Mound School (historical)    school    390332N  0823833W  Jackson
Mount Carmel Cemetery        cemetery  390623N  0822724W  Mulga
Mount Carmel Church          church    390623N  0822721W  Mulga
Mount Olivet Cemetery        cemetery  390211N  0823753W  Jackson
Mount Pleasant Church        church    385635N  0824243W  Petersburg
Mount Zion Cemetery          cemetery  390138N  0823933W  Jackson
Mount Zion Methodist Episcop church    390138N  0823937W  Jackson
Mount Zion School (historica school    390139N  0823936W  Jackson
Mountain Ridge (historical)  pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Mulga                        pop place 390702N  0822807W  Mulga
Muskrat Hollow               valley    391218N  0824234W  Byer
Nazarene Church              church    390715N  0823156W  Wellston
New Cove School (historical) school    390114N  0824502W  Beaver
New Zion Cemetery            cemetery  385349N  0822734W  Rio Grande
New Zion Church              church    390120N  0824711W  Beaver
Oak Hill                     pop place 385338N  0823425W  Oak Hill
Oak Hill Cemetery            cemetery  385348N  0823317W  Oak Hill
Oak Hill High School         school    385349N  0823437W  Oak Hill
Oak Hill Hospital Heliport   airport   385345N  0823438W  Oak Hill
Oak Hill Presbyterian Church church    385347N  0823412W  Oak Hill
Oak Hill Upground Reservoir  dam       385600N  0823442W  Oak Hill
Oak Hill Welsh Congregationa church    385344N  0823409W  Oak Hill
Oakland                      pop place 390503N  0824247W  Jackson
Oakland School (historical)  school    390500N  0824252W  Jackson
Oakview School               school    385416N  0823353W  Oak Hill
Ohnoname 20 Dam              dam       390342N  0823036W  Wellston
Ohnoname 20 Reservoir        reservoir 390342N  0823036W  Wellston
Ohnoname 21 Dam              dam       390342N  0823100W  Wellston
Ohnoname 21 Reservoir        reservoir 390342N  0823100W  Wellston
Ohnoname 22 Dam              dam       390412N  0823048W  Wellston
Ohnoname 22 Reservoir        reservoir 390412N  0823048W  Wellston
Old Bunn Cemetery            cemetery  390034N  0823705W  Wellston
Old Country Tabernacle       church    385149N  0823549W  Gallia
Ophir Falls                  falls     UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Ophir Furnace (historical)   locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Orange Furnace (historical)  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Jackson
Orpheus                      pop place 385747N  0822730W  Rio Grande
Parker School (historical)   school    390949N  0823829W  Byer
Parkview Elementary School   school    390300N  0823906W  Jackson
Pattonsville                 pop place 390154N  0822951W  Mulga
Pattonsville Church          church    390108N  0822839W  Mulga
Perkins Cemetery             cemetery  390119N  0822740W  Mulga
Petersburg                   pop place 385923N  0824440W  Petersburg
Petrea                       pop place 390424N  0823603W  Wellston
Phillips Hollow              valley    391239N  0824406W  Byer
Pigeon Creek                 stream    391002N  0824555W  Richmond Dale
Pigeonroost Hollow           valley    385711N  0824354W  Petersburg
Pilgrim Holiness Church      church    390332N  0823823W  Jackson
Pine Grove                   pop place 391017N  0824200W  Byer
Pine School (historical)     school    390600N  0824142W  Jackson
Pleasant Grove Church        church    390307N  0824125W  Jackson
Pleasant Valley Church       church    391018N  0824448W  Byer
Pleasant Valley School (hist school    391022N  0824448W  Byer
Poetkner Cemetery            cemetery  385058N  0823611W  Gallia
Poore School (historical)    school    390423N  0823403W  Wellston
Pope School (historical)     school    390238N  0824129W  Jackson
Poplar Grove School (histori school    390542N  0823452W  Wellston
Poplar Run                   stream    390723N  0824506W  Beaver
Price Cemetery               cemetery  385404N  0823428W  Oak Hill
Primrose School (historical) school    390947N  0823615W  Hamden
Providence Church            church    385742N  0824700W  Stockdale
Pyro                         pop place 385527N  0823157W  Oak Hill
Pyro Presbyterian Church     church    385530N  0823156W  Oak Hill
Ratchford                    pop place 390715N  0823021W  Wellston
Ray Cemetery                 cemetery  391105N  0823847W  Byer
Redfern Run                  stream    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Byer
Reed Hill Lookout Tower      tower     391026N  0823443W  Hamden
Reeds Mills (historical)     pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Wellston
Rempel                       pop place 385610N  0823116W  Oak Hill
Reorganized Church of Jesus  church    390732N  0824503W  Richmond Dale
Reorganized Church of Jesus  church    390253N  0823855W  Jackson
Rice Cemetery                cemetery  390402N  0823436W  Wellston
Rich Run                     stream    390513N  0822827W  Mulga
Richland Furnace State Fores forest    391026N  0823624W  Hamden
Ridgeland                    pop place 390049N  0823121W  Wellston
Ridgewood Cemetery           cemetery  390733N  0823130W  Hamden
Riegel Ridge                 ridge     385638N  0824224W  Petersburg
Roads                        pop place 390452N  0823217W  Wellston
Rock Run Creek               stream    390519N  0823958W  Jackson
Rockwell Cemetery            cemetery  390515N  0824052W  Jackson
Rocky Hill                   pop place 385920N  0823242W  Oak Hill
Route 327 Church             church    391151N  0824011W  Byer
Russ Airport                 airport   385443N  0824330W  Petersburg
Ryan Cemetery                cemetery  390339N  0823612W  Wellston
Saint Johns Cemetery         cemetery  385609N  0824358W  Petersburg
Saint Johns Church (historic church    385610N  0824400W  Petersburg
Saint Paul United Methodist  church    385351N  0823406W  Oak Hill
Saints Peter And Paul School school    390713N  0823157W  Wellston
Salem Cemetery               cemetery  390443N  0823010W  Wellston
Salem Church                 church    390442N  0823007W  Wellston
Sand Rocks                   area      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Sand Run                     stream    390150N  0823643W  Wellston
Sand Run                     stream    390814N  0823101W  Hamden
Sand Run School (historical) school    390928N  0823347W  Hamden
Sandsuck Hollow              valley    391228N  0824259W  Byer
Sardis Church                church    385146N  0823035W  Gallia
Savageville                  pop place 390820N  0824309W  Byer
Savageville Church           church    390841N  0824332W  Byer
Savageville School           school    390822N  0824307W  Byer
Scaffold Lick                stream    385244N  0824139W  Petersburg
School Number 10 (historical school    391131N  0824023W  Byer
Scioto Elementary School     school    385925N  0824446W  Petersburg
Scioto, Township of          civil     385938N  0824339W  Petersburg
Sell Cemetery                cemetery  390748N  0823719W  Hamden
Sharon                       pop place 390340N  0824024W  Jackson
Sheppard Cemetery            cemetery  385253N  0823640W  Oak Hill
Sickles Pond                 reservoir 390236N  0823448W  Wellston
Sickles Pond Dam             dam       390236N  0823448W  Wellston
Simmering Lookout Tower      tower     385104N  0824112W  South Webster
Simmering Ridge              ridge     385116N  0824051W  South Webster
Simpsons (historical)        pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Slab Hollow                  valley    385111N  0823758W  South Webster
Slab Hollow Cemetery         cemetery  385119N  0823758W  South Webster
Smith Cemetery               cemetery  385405N  0824235W  Petersburg
Smith Cemetery               cemetery  385624N  0824013W  Petersburg
Smoky Hollow                 valley    385358N  0822658W  Rio Grande
Sour Run                     stream    390747N  0824212W  Byer
South School                 school    385323N  0823438W  Oak Hill
South School                 school    390634N  0823153W  Wellston
South Street Elementary Scho school    390253N  0823802W  Jackson
Spencer Run                  stream    390822N  0824319W  Byer
Star Furnace (historical)    locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Jackson
Stephenson Cemetery          cemetery  385236N  0824222W  Petersburg
Stoney Point                 cape      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Sugar Run                    stream    390314N  0823804W  Jackson
Sugar Run                    stream    385600N  0823114W  Oak Hill
Sullivan Cemetery            cemetery  390540N  0823411W  Wellston
Sycamore Hollow              valley    391119N  0824528W  Richmond Dale
Sycamore School (historical) school    391115N  0824442W  Byer
Symmes Valley                valley    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Tennant Cemetery             cemetery  390944N  0824232W  Byer
Tick Ridge                   ridge     391039N  0824207W  Byer
Tom Corwin                   pop place 390556N  0823442W  Wellston
Trinity Methodist Episcopal  church    390853N  0824019W  Byer
Trinity United Methodist Chu church    390712N  0823155W  Wellston
Trinity Wesleyan Church      church    385400N  0823419W  Oak Hill
Tripp Cemetery               cemetery  391056N  0823254W  Hamden
Tripp School (historical)    school    391058N  0823317W  Hamden
Tropic Furnace (historical)  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Turkey Hollow                valley    390815N  0824336W  Byer
Uncle Joes Chapel            church    390535N  0822559W  Mulga
Union Cemetery               cemetery  390109N  0823159W  Wellston
Union Cemetery               cemetery  385225N  0823220W  Gallia
Union Chapel                 church    390055N  0823214W  Wellston
Union School (historical)    school    390624N  0822723W  Mulga
Valley Chapel                church    390410N  0824421W  Jackson
Vega                         pop place 385729N  0822950W  Rio Grande
Vega Church                  church    385730N  0822952W  Rio Grande
Victory School (historical)  school    390323N  0823409W  Wellston
WCJO-FM (Jackson)            tower     390145N  0823551W  Wellston
WKOV-AM (Wellston)           tower     390622N  0823444W  Wellston
WKOV-FM (Wellston)           tower     390145N  0823551W  Wellston
WLMJ Radio Tower             tower     390231N  0823521W  Wellston
WLMJ-AM (Jackson)            tower     390218N  0823526W  Wellston
Walnut Grove School (histori school    390515N  0823352W  Wellston
Washington School            school    390911N  0823544W  Hamden
Washington, Township of      civil     390941N  0823531W  Hamden
Webb Cemetery                cemetery  385800N  0823440W  Oak Hill
Weber (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Wells School                 school    390710N  0823225W  Wellston
Wellston                     pop place 390724N  0823159W  Wellston
Wellston Church of God       church    390634N  0823159W  Wellston
Wellston Furnace (historical locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Wellston High School         school    390706N  0823158W  Wellston
Wellston Post Office         post offi 390725N  0823202W  Wellston
Wellston Presbyterian Church church    390722N  0823158W  Wellston
Wellston Reservoir           reservoir 390824N  0823306W  Hamden
Wellston Reservoir Dam       dam       390824N  0823306W  Hamden
Wellston, City of            civil     390715N  0823221W  Wellston
Wesley Cemetery              cemetery  390137N  0824500W  Beaver
Wesley Chapel                church    390148N  0824500W  Beaver
West Cemetery                cemetery  385201N  0823538W  Gallia
WKOV-AM (Wellston)           tower     390622N  0823444W  Wellston
WKOV-FM (Wellston)           tower     390145N  0823551W  Wellston
WLMJ Radio Tower             tower     390231N  0823521W  Wellston
WLMJ-AM (Jackson)            tower     390218N  0823526W  Wellston
Winchester                   pop place 385913N  0823221W  Oak Hill
Winchester Cemetery          cemetery  385923N  0823222W  Oak Hill
Winchester Methodist Church  church    385922N  0823222W  Oak Hill
Winters Airport              airport   390615N  0823244W  Wellston
Winters Church               church    390934N  0823401W  Hamden
Witman (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Woodson Cemetery             cemetery  390519N  0823220W  Wellston
Young America Furnace (histo locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Zion Church (historical)     church    390731N  0824608W  Richmond Dale
Zoar Church                  church    385656N  0823255W  Oak Hill

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